7 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Thinking your relationship might be over? No one gets into a relationship with the hope of it not lasting or being over within a matter of time. A lot of folks are in relationships today by themselves without knowing that it has long been over and done with by their partners.

One of the most dreaded things ever in any relationship is the fear of what was once so good, great, loving, and the talk of almost everyone, coming to an end.

Perhaps, you might also be in this kind of dilemma without even knowing that you are. You keep holding on to the relationship, with the hope that someday the romance will be rekindled and the love spark will make everything good again.

But how do you achieve this when your partner has long moved on without you in the equation? Well, I have complied 7 Signs your relationship is Over, without you knowing;

1. Your partner no longer respects you.

One of the essential things of a lasting relationship is RESPECT. But what happens when your partner no longer respects you? What happens when he/ she starts talking and doing things like you don’t matter or you are irrelevant? When this happens too often, it’s a sign that your relationship is over in the eyes of your partner without you knowing.

2. You no longer respect your partner.

When you love someone, you accord them more respect than you would accord someone else who is not connected to you in any way. When you call your partner’s opinion bluff, it’s a sign you are tired of the relationship. But you don’t know how to move on or end it.

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3. When it’s obvious your partner is dating someone else.

What can be worse than being in a relationship whereby your partner is dating someone else? And he/she is not even scared to showcase the person publicly and even to your face? This is such a glaring sign your relationship is over. But you are still holding on without you respecting yourself enough to move on.

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4. Your relationship is over when every issue is now a fight.

Yeah, no relationship is perfect. Sometimes it is important that you and your partner have some sort of misunderstanding to agree on something. And to know each other better. But when the misunderstandings are more than the happy times, when everything leads to a fight. It is a glaring sign you need to look out for.

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5. You both see nothing good in each other.

Your partner should be your role model. Everything about you and them should make you smile, be proud and be thankful for the kind of partner that you have. But when your partner sees nothing good in you anymore to praise and talk about, and you also see nothing good in them. It’s a glaring sign that your relationship is long over with.

6. Your partner is now physically abusive.

What could be worse than this? This is one of the most dangerous things a partner could even do to whom he/she says they love. No matter the provocation, when your partner starts becoming physically abusive if care is not taken, it won’t survive in the long run.

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7. The romance in your relationship is dead.

Romance is one of the flames that keeps a romantic relationship going, and being strong. Once the romance aspect is dead, and you and your partner are doing nothing to restore the romantic bond. It’s a sign that your relationship is over.


Everyone deserves to be happy, including you. But when there is no more respect for each other, verbal, emotional, and mental abuse has set in, when the romance is no longer in your relationship, etc. It is a glaring sign that your relationship is over. Hence, you need to talk about these signs you are not so comfortable with, with your partner. And look for ways you could actually work things out, and if such is not possible, then you need to move on peacefully for your own sanity and happiness.

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