Short sweet romantic messages for her

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Women love hearing sweet loving words from the man they love. The more often you tell your partner how much you love her in words and deeds, the more she’d open up her entire self to you.

Your sweet loving words would make her feel loved by you, and also make her feel safe and like the luckiest woman in the entire universe.

Romantic messages helps rekindle your love for your partner. It’s also a way to make her feel so blessed to have you and make her know no matter where you are, your thoughts are with her.

You could send short sweet romantic messages to her and make her feel that, she is still the lucky woman you fell in love with.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a short sweet romantic messages for your woman, you don’t need to look any further.

Below, are very simple, yet short sweet romantic messages for her. It doesn’t matter the time of the day, you could send it anytime you like and want.

Short sweet Romantic messages for her

1. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I love you baby.

2.  Where have you been all my life? Am glad I finally found you darling

3. Thank you for loving me the way you do. You are such an angel sent from above to me. I adore you

4.  Being with you makes me so happy. How can someone have all the great vibes you have? I can’t love you less baby

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5. You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me. You are completely amazing honey

6.  Each time I look into your eyes, I wish to always have a happily ever after with you. You are so wonderful, kisses my darling

7. Saying I love you is an understatement. I love you beyond what words can describe. I cherish you so much

8. You came into my life, and made me believe in love again. Thank you so very much darling

9. Having you in my life as a partner, has been such a great blessing. I can never trade you for anything else. Thank you for loving me

10. The thoughts of you, has saturated my entire being. And am loving every moment of it. Thanks baby

11. Loving you is what I want now and even to the after life. You are just a priceless being!

12. Having you in my arms now and forever is what I wish for. Baby, don’t ever leave me. I love you so much

13. Being with you and looking at you, always makes me feel like the most blessed man in the world. I love you so much

14. You bring me peace, stability, and laughter. How could I have been this lucky? Thanks darling

15. I want to have you by my side in this life and the life after. I adore you baby

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Sweet Short Romantic love messages for her

16. You make me speechless and breathless darling . You are just so amazing!!!

17. You are not only beautiful. But you’re just the most fantastic being I have been seen. I cherish you baby

18. Each time am with you, my heart beat increases with excitement. I love you so much

19. You are simply such a great person. Glad I asked you to be mine forever, and am blessed you said yes!!!

20. You’re a Queen! And I will try my best treating you that way as long as I live. I adore you so much

21. Glad you came into my life when you did. So far, you’ve been the greatest blessing to me.

22. Being the angel you’re, you came into my life, and brought out the best in me. I will always love you

23. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Because I wonder how my life would be like without you always being in it. I adore you honey

24. Keep smiling darling, you look so beautiful when you do. I love you

25. I miss you so much baby. I cannot wait to see you and have you in my arms again. See you soon!

26. You’re my beautiful damsel. I will love you forever.

27. I cannot have enough of you. I love you, always remember this baby.

28. Thank you for all you do for me. You are such an amazingly beautiful soul. I love you so much

29. Why are you this beautiful? I am so lucky to have you honey. I love you

30. You are so loving, wonderful, and a great person. Sending this short sweet romantic message, to tell you that I love you beyond what words can describe

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Short sweet Love Text Messages

♥️ You are my sunshine. Thanks for stepping in during my darkest moments. I cherish all you do for me and I cannot thank you enough darling.

♥️ Thanks for being the angel that came into my life to make me a better person. I cannot love you less. I adore you so much.

♥️ How could I have been so lucky to have you? You are not only amazing, but the best thing that has happened to me.

♥️ Thank you for giving me reasons to smile everyday. You are the best woman I have ever had

♥️ You came into my life and illuminated it beyond my  comprehension. Thanks for all you do for me. I will always love you

♥️ Words can never accurately describe how I feel about you. You are just so perfect and all I have prayed for all my life. Thank you for being my reality, and making me believe in love again. I love you darling

♥️ I am so glad you never gave up on us. And I promise never to let you down. I will always adore you

♥️ The day I allowed my heart to fall in love with you, was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I adore you so much

♥️ My world, you are such an awesome being. Thanks for making me complete the way you do

♥️ Your smile and everything about you melts my heart. It makes me so breathless. Thank you for loving me the way you do.

♥️ I am working so hard to give you that life you desire, and to make you happy. I adore you so much darling

♥️ Thank you for always being there. I thank the heavens for blessing me with such a gift as you. I cherish you so much baby

 Love Message for Her

😍 I want to be your Romeo and you my Juliet. I wish for us to explore the world together even until the after life. I never want to loose you for anything else baby.

😍 Looking at a picture of you at the moment, and I remind myself how lucky I am to have you. You’re so sweet, I love you so much.

😍 You are my Princess. And I want to give you the best life ever beyond your wildest dreams. Thanks baby for being you, I can never love you less

😍 My bunny, my heart beats for you every second. I long to see you and be with you every now and then. I love you so much darling

😍 You are everything I ever prayed for and wanted in a woman. I love you and adore you so very much darling

😍 I just want to remind you by sending this short sweet Romantic message, that you mean the world to me. I adore you so much my sweetheart

😍 Loving you is what I want to do everyday. Because you deserve it and so much more.

😍 Being with you, makes me so happy. You are an angel. And I wouldn’t want to ever let you go. I love you

😍 Thinking about you and all we’ve been through together brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for standing tall with me through the storms and sunny moments.

Sweet short love messages for her

😍 I know am sometimes cranky. Thank you so much for not giving up on us. That I so appreciate. I love you

😍 Being with you has brought so much fulfilment into my life. You are the most wonderful person I have ever come across.

😍 The remaining days of my life, I want to make you so comfortable, so happy, and make you the happiest person. You’ve been through a lot for me. I will always love you

😍 Your smile and laughter makes me so happy. Thank you for all the ways you bring happiness into my life.

😍 There’s always this aura of transquility and happiness whenever am with you. I never want to trade this feelings for anything else.

😍 Choosing you to be mine forever was the best decisions I have ever made. I will always always cherish you for all the ways you’ve been so good to me.

😍 I love you beyond what words can describe. Thank you baby

😍 Loving you has been the best decisions in my life. I want to do this everyday.

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