How to Have a Daily Positive Mindset

Keeping and having a daily positive mindset can be such a difficult thing to do these days.

One of the reasons for this is that Life most times doesn’t give you what you want. And sometimes, it doesn’t go as expected. One would say life is full of surprises.

Hence, one needs to keep one’s fingers crossed and not overly hope, so that one’s hopes don’t get dashed, and in turn, get your mindset saturated and hovering with thoughts of uncertainties and negativities.

Life is not a bed of roses, most times you find yourself up there, so happy and the next moment you are so low, to the point of being depressed. And you become so confused asking yourself what happened?

I for one, there were times in which one moment things were going so well, and am up there being my best self and the next moment in one fall swoop am down like I have never gotten up and been so high. 

That moment, I started asking myself? Where will I go from here? What will I do? What do I need to change to be there again? To feel so great and happy about myself and the things I enjoy, and so much more?

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How to Have a Daily Positive Mindset

Perhaps at the moment, you might also be faced with such a dilemma. In which your mind is saturated and being hovered by thoughts of uncertainties. And you are so confused about how to have a positive mindset.

Hence, below are ways to have a positive mindset when your mind is being overly bugged with thoughts of negativities and uncertainties.

1. You Need to Start Your Day Right

Most times, due to how you are feeling, you wouldn’t even want to get out of bed, or even talk to anyone.

I know that feeling, but how long do you want to continue this way? You need to remember that nothing changes when you are being moody and gloomy.

Therefore, to have a positive mindset different from what you had the previous day, week, month, or year, you need to endeavor to start your day right.

You can do this, by simply waking up early, say your devotion if you belong to a particular faith. Say some positive words of affirmations to start your day right.

This works like magic, trust me!

2. Use Your Tongue and Your Mouth the Right Way During the Day

It’s one thing to start your day right by waking up early, saying your devotion, and saying some positive words of affirmations. And it is another thing to say positive things with your tongue and mouth during the day.

For instance, you cannot say you are happy, and things are going well for you when saying your positive words of affirmations in the wee hours of the morning, only for you to be asked how things are going on for you by a friend.

And the next thing you start saying; you are struggling, and things are very horrible for you, etc. Mind you, am not saying you need to lie about what is not.

But to have a positive mindset is to believe right inside your mind that things are turning around in your favor.

This can be achieved by sticking with the positive things you say, and not otherwise.

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3. Surround Yourself With Positive Friends and Family

Your friends and your family members should be your greatest cheerleaders, and not otherwise.

They should be your shoulder to lean on, and your greatest source of encouragement when you are down.

When you are getting the opposite vibes from them, you need to avoid such persons like a plague. Always remember this!

4. To Have a Daily Positive Mindset You Need to Declutter Your Mind

Since you can declutter your room or space of things you don’t need so also you can endeavor to declutter your mind from as many negative thoughts as possible.

By always replacing those negative thoughts with as many positive things as possible. When you have negative thoughts like;

  • You are not enough…… can tell yourself you are more than enough.
  • Negative thoughts like, will you ever be successful… can tell yourself things are falling in place for you to get to where you need and want to be, etc.             

When you are duly equipped in these areas, when negative thoughts want to creep in and make you lose focus, and become depressed, your mind which you’ve equipped over time, will remind you why you cannot give up on yourself now, reasons why you need to keep going, no matter what!

5. Live Each Day With Gratitude

Perhaps you have told yourself that, there’s nothing so great about your life to be grateful for.

Well, I want to remind you that, the sole reason for you being alive to start with, it a million reasons to be grateful for.

Remember, today might be cloudy, but with a grateful heart, there is surely bright sunshine waiting for you just about the corner.

All you need do is count all your blessings, and watch how your life will transform, and in turn translate into you having a daily positive mindset.

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