Practical Ways to Be Happy in Order to Be Your Best Self

Happiness is not something already made. It comes from your own actions – Dalai Lama

With all the things going around the world, staying happy and being happy would not be so easy you’d say. Life comes with different issues, both the good and the bad.

Inasmuch as you cannot always control the happenings around you. You can at least embrace them when the emotions are good, and eliminate the terrible emotions as fast as you can whenever they tend to spring up.

Being happy, and always cheerful is not a thing that comes easy. But who says it’s impossible. Who says you cannot be happy?

I know is not always easy. Most especially when you are being faced with overwhelming situations that stare you in the face, daring you to do otherwise.

Telling you, you are now bound, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Well, there’s definitely something you can do about it. You can start by changing your attitude from being gloomy, and sad into being Happy.

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Practical Ways to Be Happy in Order to Be Your Best Self

Hence, below are ways to be happy in order to be Your Best Self.

1. Think About an Event in the Past That Made You Very Happy

In life, as long as you are living, you surely have memories that effortlessly bring a smile or make you laugh so hard whenever you think about them.

Therefore, one of the ways to make yourself happy whenever you feel down, and feel lost, and don’t know how to get out of the gloomy state, is to occupy your mind with past memories that would make you smile, and give you reasons to starts off in a better way.

2. Do Not Isolate Yourself When You Are Feeling Sad

I know the feeling of wanting to shut everyone out whenever you are not happy. But how long do you want to do this? How long do you want to continue isolating yourself?

Inasmuch as its good, to have alone moments to strategize whenever things are not going on well. Such shouldn’t be allowed for too long so you don’t go into depression.

Hence, one of the ways to be happy is,  to step out of your gloomy state. To achieve this, you can go outside to the mall, to the amusement park, etc.

A place where it is relaxing,  where you can breathe in the fresh air. And in the process, you will most definitely, get inspirations to assist you to overcome what you’re going through, and also change your mood for the better.

3. A Great Way to Be Happy Is When You Spend Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

One of the best things you could ever do for yourself is spending time with your family, and friends as often as you can.

You wouldn’t want to run into issues, and then not have any close friend or family member to run to for assistance, do you?

Therefore, when you are unhappy, one of the ways to make yourself happy and cheerful.

Is to surround yourself with your friends, and family members who would help pull you out of the gloomy state that you are and be your shoulder to lean on.

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4. Be a Channel of Blessing to Someone Else

One of the greatest legacy you can leave behind as a Human being is you being a channel of blessing to someone else.

Have you ever seen someone who is in need, and you knew deep within you that you are capable of assisting the person no matter how little it was, but you turned a blind eye?

Remember, assisting or helping someone else does not always have to be in the form of cash.

But you extending True Acts of Kindness would really go a long way.

Therefore, once you make someone else happy, through an act of kindness, it’s also one of the ways you can be Happy.

Because such acts, makes you have some sense of accomplishment and purpose.

5. Engage in Activities That Would Make You Smile More

Do you enjoy writing, cooking, swimming, etc? Whatever you derive pleasure in, should be one of the things you need to engage yourself in more whenever you feel down or so unhappy.

This way, when you are doing the things that bring and put a smile on your face, it would make you feel more relaxed, and happy instead of otherwise.

6. A Greater Way to Be Happy Is; Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

In a world such as ours, it’s quite difficult most times not to be intimated, or you measuring your worth based on someone else achievement you saw on TV, or on social media.

When you do this often than not, it would only make you feel sad and not good enough.

Hence, do not go so hard on yourself when things are not going as you want. But take each day a step at a time, believe in yourself that your own time to shine as well would come.

This way, you’d be happy, and have such inner peace and comfort.

7. Another Way to Be Happy Is; Be Grateful!

There’s no way you will be grateful for the things you have and you won’t feel happy about them.

Being grateful opens doors for more things to come into your life.

One of the ways of being happy is you expressing genuine gratitude for the things you have, and things you are hoping for.

That way, you’d realize in no time how the higher powers would work in your favor, and bring plenty of happiness to you. Instead of otherwise.

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