7 Tips on How to Make Him Feel Attracted to You

How to attract a man, and also make him feel attracted to you, has always been every woman’s fantasy that desires to be in a relationship, or that is already present in one.

You might be wondering, how hard can this be, or can get? But well, it shouldn’t be so hard if you can put some certain things I will be sharing with you shortly in place.

Most men generally are not so difficult to relate with. You need to know what to do, and things to avoid to make the whole process not seem like an act of desperation or some sort of a goose chase.

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How to Make Him Feel Attracted to You

Therefore, below are 7 tips on how to make him attracted to you;

1. Be Yourself

Most of the time when a lady wants a man so much, she tries to start acting like who she’s not to create some sort of impression.

If you want a man whom you like to be attracted to you you need to learn to be your true self.

Don’t fake and not form some sort of accent that you don’t have or be overly nice to him when you could keep every gesture simple and cordial.

When you overly go overboard, you will end up chasing him away, instead of bringing him closer.

2. Be a Happy Woman!

Yeah, life sometimes tends to throw its bad circumstances when least expected. And that most times can make one lose his or her mind, and put someone in an edgy position.

But hey, when such times arise you need to learn how to control your emotions, and not transfer aggression to those around you.

When you tend to transfer aggression on your man, or a man whom you are hoping to attract, it will only send the wrong message that you are bitter, and shouldn’t be close. This is not only bad for your reputation, it is bad for your relationship.

More so, endeavor to keep a balance in whatever you do. So that he will keep being attracted to you, and not otherwise.

3. Learn to Have Some Time Alone

Whether you are already in a relationship, or you are hoping to attract him and make him ask you out.

Do not be too clingy, this only drives him away or pushes him away from you. Whatever you do, you should keep it moderate.

4. Look Good!

This cannot be overly emphasized.  Men are moved by what they see. Hence, to keep and make him attracted to you, you need to ensure that you look your best at all times.

Wear nice, good, decent clothes, that would make you look beautiful, and comfortable in your skin.

Remember, when looking good and your best, do not be overly revealing in terms of sensitive parts of your body.

This would rather send the wrong message by telling him you are cheap, or an easy catch for men. And end up not finding you as attractive as he wants to.

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5. Be Decent Outside, and Be a Bad Girl in the Other Room

Men love it, and find it so attractive, when their woman is a good girl when outside, but a bad girl in the other room.

Your man finds it attractive when you make him feel so good sexually when you bring out a different type of tone or moaning sounds during foreplay, s3x, and what have you.

Be that woman whom he wants to have whenever he is having the moment. Try as much as you can to keep him glued to you by studying him thoroughly to know the bedroom styles that drive him crazy.

The more you make him feel good sexually, the more you keep him attracted to you, and happy to always be around you.

6. To Make Him Attracted to You, Be Confident

Men who know what they want, are generally attracted to women who are confident in themselves and know what they want.

You cannot be attractive to a man whom you want if you are timid, and don’t even know how to hold a simple communication.

Be confident, know what you want, and at the same time always remember to keep it simple.

7. Be a Good Person!

You might be wondering how is this important or related to the above topic on How To Make Him Feel Attracted To You. Well, to me in my opinion, it is crucial.

People most of the time are attracted to individuals who are nice, good, and have empathy towards others.

No sane man would want to be attracted to a woman who does not have regard for other people or talk others down at the slightest opportunity to make herself feel good.

So if you want to remain attractive in his eyes, or you need him to be attracted to you, then ensure to be good to him, yourself, and those around you.

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Final Thought

What’s the point of not keeping the man you like/love attracted to you? It’s more like your beauty, time and effort are just being a waste yeah

If you can find time, and put these tips into practice, it sure will keep him attracted to you, and help your relationship blossom.

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