18 Ways On How To Become The Best Boyfriend To Your Lover

Being the best boyfriend to your girlfriend may seem easy to say. But it takes a lot of work, and commitment to become the best boyfriend your girlfriend has ever had.
To become the best boyfriend your girlfriend has ever had or dated, is not a feat that comes easy. It takes determination, commitment, and a whole lot of love and cares to attain this.
Being in a romantic relationship, one of your greatest desires should be to be a good impression to the woman you love and a man whom others can emulate for the good virtues you may have or possess.
Almost every woman expects a thing or more from the man they are in a relationship with. They expect love, care, attention, and a whole lot more. As a man, you should be the head and the anchor of your relationship. When you exhibit love and all the good vibes to your woman, it will also enable her to be the best partner to you as well.
Therefore, here are 18 tips on how to become the best boyfriend to your girlfriend;

1. Be Attentive To Little Things.

A whole lot of times, most women would say their partners are not attentive to them, especially when they are talking, or when they are in need of a particular thing. This is bad and would only make your partner long for attention elsewhere. Yeah, you won’t always have all the time in the world to be there in all aspects of her life. But it is very important that you at least pay attention to the things she likes, and doesn’t like. That way, you are indirectly opening ways and channels in which she can easily talk to you about anything going on with her. Because she believes that you are attentive to almost all the things going on in her life. And this way, she would view you as the best boyfriend she has ever had if not perfect.

2. Do Not Be Selfish.

It is easy to want to always put yourself first, and forget to also put your partner in the picture of the things you are doing? This is wrong especially when it is not done in moderation. In a healthy relationship, it is paramount to not be Selfish and be all about yourself.
Those who have succeeded in building a good healthy relationship over time would always advise putting their partner first, in all they do. But this should be done in moderation, so you don’t lose yourself while trying to please your partner.

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3. Have A Good Sense Of Humor.

Who doesn’t like to have a good laugh at least every now and then? Certainly not me, lol.
Being the best boyfriend your girlfriend has ever had is you irrespective of how busy you are, at least you find time to crack jokes and make your girlfriend laugh. Laugher creates some sort of relaxation and helps your girlfriend or partner to bond very well with you instead of otherwise.
Ladies than be more attracted to men who have some sense of humor, and charisma And not those who are overly so serious about almost everything.

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4. Be Supportive.

Almost everyone needs a helping hand every now and then. Therefore, you being the best boyfriend she has ever had, one of the greatest things from you that she would really appreciate, is you being supportive towards her in all aspects of her life.
 Most people, don’t find it easy asking for help or assistance. Whereas others can easily ask for help. Whichever category your girlfriend belongs to, note that, it would really go a long way if you can assist her in any way you can without her even asking for it.
Mind you, in the process of being supportive, do not do things for her just because you want to impress her. Do things that are happy with, and at the same time, so comfortable with. And not a burden in any way to you.

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5. Endeavour To Maintain Good Hygiene.

Nobody wants a partner who doesn’t have good hygiene practices. To become the best boyfriend to your girlfriend, it is necessary that you always look good, smell nice, and look healthy. Remember cleanliness leads to godliness.
When you maintain and keep good hygiene practices, your girlfriend would be glad to be around you to hold you, cuddle you, and kiss you.
Therefore, remember to brush your teeth twice a day, take a good bath, use clean nice shirts, use good deodorant, and a nice perfume. This way, you will always look appealing instead of otherwise.

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6. Stop Dragging The Past Into The Relationship.

A whole lot of times, you may find yourself either talking about your ex y trying to compare your present partner. Or during a misunderstanding, you tend to always drag old events into the conversation. When you do this often, it tends to spoil the good vibes in your relationship.
And also, make your girlfriend start thinking if you really love her or if there’s something wrong? On the other hand, nobody likes a person who is not willing to let go of the past, the past only drags you, and the relationship back.

7. Know Each Other’s Love Languages.

When you know your partner’s love language, and her knowing yours, it goes a long way to make your relationship stronger, and also make you and your partner bond more and better.
 If you cannot accurately pay attention to details, you could verbally ask your woman what she likes or enjoys the most in the aspect of how you treat her?
This could range from gifts, acts of service, attention, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Knowing your girlfriend’s love language would help you be more romantic towards her, and this would help strengthen your relationship even better. You could read Gary Chapman’s book on The 5 Love Languages to get a deeper insight on how to be the man after her heart.

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8. Be Kind.

Being kind is a priceless virtue to possess. When you are kind to your partner, it goes a long way. You can be kind by being gentle towards your girlfriend, by being thoughtful towards her emotional needs, being there for her when she is sick, comforting her when she is down, and a whole lot more.

9. Have Healthy Arguments.

No relationship is a bed of roses. A lot of times, arguments tend to occur. And if not handled properly, it can degenerate into something awful, which would really be bad for your relationship.
 Therefore, to become the best boyfriend to your girlfriend, you need to ensure that during heated arguments or misunderstandings, ensure to speak less, watch what you say in order not to say any hurtful things to your partner.
And also, endeavor to tell talk to her about why it is necessary to have healthy arguments. And not one filled with name-calling, and the rest.

10. Be A Good Listener.

It makes no sense whereby your partner is talking to you, and you are busy pressing your phone or being completely distracted. It is more like what she is saying is not important, or you’re not interested in the topic. In a healthy relationship, that is striving and working towards something better and solid, it is good to listen to your girlfriend whenever she is talking about a thing of interest to you or not.  It really goes a long way in your relationship. And it is reassuring when you bring such topics up later on, and you ask her feedbacks about whatever she may have discussed with you.

11. Have A Forgiving Heart.

What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen when you don’t have a forgiving heart? Being an unforgiving person would in a lot of ways drag you back, and keep you in bondage. Whatever your partner might have done to hurt you, you can actually forgive her. I know it’s not easy, but forgiving her for ways she might have hurt you. Doing this, would liberate you, and give room for other better things in your life to blossom. If you can’t bring yourself to easily forgive your partner, it’s best you talk to your partner about how hurt you’re by her actions. And ways the both of you can work around what has happened.

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12. Be Effortlessly Romantic.

One of the ways to become the best boyfriend your girlfriend has ever had is you being romantic and sweet towards her. Especially when she least expects it. You can take her out on romantic dinner dates, nice hangouts, and be sweet to her whenever you can. When you do this every now and then, she would really appreciate it.

13. Ensure To Be Generous.

No one really likes a cheapskate or a tightfisted person. Hence, when you ensure to be generous towards your girlfriend in ways that you can. It would help build your relationship more. But remember, do not go overboard just to please her, especially when she doesn’t reciprocate the kind gestures by also being generous towards you in the little ways that she can.

14. Try To Be Dynamic.

In life, the constant thing is change. When you do the same thing almost every time without spicing things in your relationship up, with time it will be boring. And the both of you will start getting bored around each other. Therefore, ensure to change places you hang out often, come up with interesting things you can both do for fun. Try and cook different delicacies together. Spice up your intimate moments, and ask your partner from time to time what she enjoys and would want you guys to try out. Explore your fantasies, sex life, etc. This way, it would help the both of you bond more, and be better.

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15. Do Not Manipulate Her.

Most times, you can be carried away. And demand that your girlfriend do things that she doesn’t want to do just to show that she loves you. This is bad and not healthy at all. Therefore, in order to become the best boyfriend to her, ensure to calmly ask her to do things for you. Do not force her into doing things that she doesn’t want to do or she is not comfortable with, this would only mean you are trying to manipulate her simply because you feel she loves you. This is so unhealthy, and not good for the relationship in the long run.

16. Appreciate Her.

Appreciating your girlfriend for the ways that she has been good to you, supportive, and thoughtful towards you, could actually go a very long way into making her do more. But when you are always fond of talking her down, and criticizing her, it could actually make her feel less, and not good enough for you. This is terrible for your relationship in the long run.

17. Be Loyal.

No one likes or wants a flirt as a partner.  This is so wrong and not good for any relationship. It is every woman’s dream to have a man whom she could easily vouch for, and not otherwise. Therefore, to become the best boyfriend your girlfriend has ever had, you need to stay loyal to her, and if you don’t want to stay committed and loyal, then you should not be in a relationship in the first place.

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18. Be Good To Her Close Friends, And Family.

It brings so much joy and happiness to know that your partner is on good terms with your friends and family members. This would make her feel happy, and also have peace of mind that at least you really value her, and love her like you say you do. Also, give her the chance to also be close to your family and friends, that way, both families would know each other, and this brings more harmony in the relationship.

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