13 Cool Tips on How to Make Your Boyfriend Crazy About You

Making and keeping your boyfriend crazy about you shouldn’t be so hard of a thing to do yeah? You might be asking yourself, how do keep your relationship all spiced up?

How do you make your boyfriend crazy about you? What do you need to do to always make your boyfriend want you, and long for you even when you are far away?   

Men easily get bored, and most times it takes a lot of discipline and willpower to keep them glued to one woman.

You wouldn’t want this for yourself, and your relationship.

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How to Make Your Boyfriend Crazy About You

Below are tips on how to make your boyfriend crazy about you, and miss you even when you are far away from him:

1. Love Yourself

How do you attract true love to yourself when you don’t even love yourself? You need to love yourself enough, to enable your boyfriend to love you the way you ought to be loved.

Hence, one of the ways to make your boyfriend crazy about you is when you love yourself selflessly

2. Be Confident

This can not be overemphasized! You need to be confident in your skin and not in any way see yourself as less or not good enough.

Good, and mature men love women who are confident in themselves and who know what they want.

Being confident in yourself is one of the surest ways to make your boyfriend crazy about you. Be definite about what you want, things you want to do, etc.

3. Compliment Him

Men also want to be complimented when they look good, or do something great! When you compliment your man as often as possible, it will gladden his heart, and also make him aware that you truly appreciate him, and you love him.

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4. Learn to Spend Some Time Alone!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder! I wouldn’t agree any less with this. When you tend to always be around your man or boyfriend, he tends to overly get used to your presence, and everything about the relationship will get boring with time.

I am sure you wouldn’t want this to happen yeah? Hence, learn to give him space to do other things with his life, while you do the same with yours.

This way, the love flame burns brighter and makes him go crazy for not seeing you for a while.

5. Be a Good to His Friends!

Guys like a lady who is good to their friends, and those who might be close to him.

Your boyfriend wouldn’t like it if you are always complaining about everyone, or always trying to keep him away from those whom he cares about.

Therefore, your being a good person to his friends would make him see you as a good person you are, and would want to always regard you.

6. Do Not Compare Yourself to Other Women!

Comparing yourself to other women and always complaining about them being more beautiful than you, or having it better than you do would only make your boyfriend tired of you.

And this would make him see you as someone who nags. Learn to appreciate, and as earlier mentioned love yourself, because you are unique and special.

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7. Be a Jovial Lady

No one likes someone who is always moody, or always frowning as if the world is coming down on them. As a young lady who wants to make her boyfriend crazy about her.

You need to give him things to remind you. You could crack some jokes whenever you are around him, or you could even send him a joke via WhatsApp, Instagram, or text messages.

This would keep him thinking about you as he goes about his day-to-day activities.

8. Don’t Be Always Available

As the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. Yeah when you love someone, you want to always be around them and show them that you love and care about them.

But you need to take it slow and give your boyfriend some space to deal with other things in his life.

When you do this, he would respect you more, and not see you as being so cheap or someone he can’t do without. This would make him go crazy about you.

9. Surprise Him With Gifts

One of the ways to show love, care, and affection is by gifting your loved ones with simple gifts that you can afford, and that you know they would like.

In a romantic relationship, you need to ensure that you are not the only one receiving, but you are always gifting your boyfriend with gifts you know he would like.

This would make him appreciate you more, and make him crazy about you.

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10. Cook for Him

Remember that old saying, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, you got it right. It is not a most that you need to prepare something so big to make him crazy about you.

You could prepare something within your reach, cook something you know he would like and appreciate.

This way, he will be crazy about you, and always look forward to your good meals.

11. Look, and Keep It Simple, and Classy

Most times, because you want to impress your boyfriend, you might tend to want to go overboard in your dressing, makeup, and looks in general.

And this most of the time might put your boyfriend off. Therefore, to make him think about you as often as possible, and also make him crazy about you, you need to maintain a decent, good look as often as possible.

12. Keep Your Jealousy in Check

Most times being overly jealous could spoil things in your relationship no doubt. Jealousy is needed once in a while though for a little drama, and what have you in the relationship?

But when you can’t keep your jealousy in check, it gets to be in the way of your relationship.

13. Maintain Good Hygienic Routine

To make him go crazy about you, ensure to keep good hair look, nice clothes, and keep your genitals in good shape.

Do not be overwhelmed with day-to-day activities that you forget to take care of yourself. Remember, don’t give him the impression that you are a dirty lady, that would only turn him off.

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Final Thought

Making your boyfriend crazy about you is about being yourself and enjoying the ride. From thoughtful gestures to simple acts of kindness, it’s the little things that create a big impact.

Keep the communication open, share laughter, and cherish the moments together.

By embracing authenticity and fostering a connection built on trust and love, you’ll find that making your boyfriend crazy about you becomes a natural and joyful adventure.

So, go ahead, be genuine, be kind, and enjoy the journey of building a strong and loving relationship.


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