Best Touching Break up Messages to Send to Him or Her

Breakup messages are the most painful and sad thing in your life. But it is also one of the most important things to deal with in a relationship. Instead of being harsh, you can send touching breakup messages to your ex-partner.

Nowadays, we have a lot of ways to breakup with our girlfriends or boyfriend. You can send them a breakup text, an email, or even speak to them directly.

However, some people want to do something more creative to get their feelings out there and ensure their ex-partner knows exactly how they feel.

Breakup messages are the best way to tell your ex-lover that you are ready to end the relationship. Here is a list of breakup messages that will help you get over your current relationship and move on to another person.

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Best Touching Breakup Messages to Send to Him or Her

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to write a touching breakup message, here are some ideas:

  1. “You were great, but I just don’t see us working out.”
  2. “It’s not you; it’s me.”
  3. “I’m sorry for hurting you,, but I need space right now.”
  4. “Things just aren’t working out between us anymore so we need to break up.”
  5. I am sorry we could not make it work, but I will always cherish our memories.
  6. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
  7. Even though this has been a hard decision for both of us. I hope we can remain friends and keep in touch with each other in the future. Because I will always support you.
  8. It has been great knowing you. But it is time for us to move on from each other and go our separate ways. Don’t worry – we will still be friends.
  9. Although things did not work out between us. I hope you find someone who truly deserves your love and affection (because that person does not exist in me).
  10. I hope you will someday find the person who makes you smile as I do.
  11. We had some good times, but they were not enough. We both deserve better than we have been getting each other lately. Let’s just be friends from now on.
  12. I still think about you, but it’s time for us to go our separate ways for good this time. There was too much fighting and arguing between us, and I’m afraid that if we stay together any longer, it will only get worse.
  13. I’m sorry things didn’t work out between us, but we both know it’s best if we just part ways before things get any worse!
  14. I hope you will someday find the person who makes you smile like I do.
  15. We had some good times, but they were not enough. We both deserve better than we have been getting each other lately. Let’s just be friends from now on.

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Touching Breakup Messages For Long Relationship

  1. I’m sorry I was not the guy you needed me to be. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you what you wanted and needed. You deserve so much better than me, and I hope you’ll find it one day.
  2. I wish you all the happiness in the world, and I hope that one day we’ll be able to look back at this time as a learning experience rather than a mistake.
  3. You’ve taught me a lot about myself, and I hope I can one day repay the favor by passing on those lessons to someone else who needs them.
  4. I like you, but I’m not sure if I want to continue dating or if this is going anywhere.”
  5. “I know we’ve been together for awhile now, but I just don’t think this relationship is going anywhere and I feel like we should stop seeing each other.”
  6. I think you’re amazing, but our relationship isn’t working for me anymore, and I don’t see how it could in the future, either.
  7. While this might seem harsh, it’s for the best because there’s no future for us together, and I don’t want to keep you hanging on when there’s nothing to gain from it.
  8. We’ve been together for a while, and it’s time to move on with our lives separately. 5. I don’t think we are meant to be together anymore, and I want to end things now before it gets worse than this.
  9. We’ve had some good times together, but things have changed significantly between us lately, and it’s better if we just go our separate ways now before things get even more complicated between us than it already is right now between us right now already already already already already already already already already now!
  10. We need time apart from each other to think clearly about our relationship and make an informed decision about whether or not we are still compatible as a couple.
  11. There are so many things that I wish I could say and do differently right now, but one thing is certain: this isn’t working out between us anymore.
  12. I feel like we’re growing apart, and I’m unsure if I can return from that.
  13. We are on two different paths in life, and it’s time for us to part ways.
  14. We are better off as friends than lovers because we no longer have the same goals in life.
  15. 30 I want to be alone right now and figure out who I am without the help of another person by my side to distract me from finding myself again!
  16. You are special to me, but this isn’t working out between us anymore… We aren’t right for each other… We should break up now before our relationship gets too serious… You deserve someone better than me, and I want the best for both of us too… So let’s end things here before they get worse.

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Final Thought

Either party can send breakup messages. So if you are planning to break up with your lover, it is better that you send the message before he does.

I hope this article’s touching breakup messages will help you easily get a clean break from your ex-lover.

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