Why Does My Ex Boyfriend Keep Blocking and Unblocking Me?

You and your ex boyfriend broke up, but now you find yourself stuck in an endless cycle of him blocking you and then unblocking you again.

When you think he’s out of your life for good, your ex reappears by suddenly unblocking you. Why does he keep blocking and unblocking you after your breakup?

Read on to find out why and how to deal with such actions.

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Why Does My Ex Boyfriend Keep Blocking and Unblocking Me?

Why Does My Ex Boyfriend Keep Blocking and Unblocking Me?

If your ex keeps blocking and unlocking you, here are possible reasons why:

1. He Wants Control

Blocking gives your ex a sense of control over the relationship that he lacks post-breakup. By blocking you, he’s making a unilateral decision to cut contact.

Then, when he’s ready for attention, he unblocks you to see if you’ll still respond.

It’s an immature power trip. He wants to maintain the illusion that he calls the shots in the “relationship,” even after it’s ended.

Blocking and unblocking keeps you on his string whether you like it or not.

2. He Craves Validation

Similarly, blocking and unblocking may be validation-seeking behavior. Your ex blocked you, expecting you’d beg him to unblock you or go wild trying to contact him. When that doesn’t happen, his ego takes a hit.

So your ex unblocks you to see if you’ll shower him with attention or praise when he gives you access to him again. It’s a pathetic attempt to feel desirable after losing you.

3. He’s Impulsive

Blocking someone is easy to do impulsively when emotions are running high, such as after a bad fight or breakup. But once the dust settles, your ex may regret his rash decision.

Since simply unblocking you makes it look like he’s returning to his word, he blocks and unblocks repeatedly. It’s an indirect way of keeping a connection without losing face.

4. He’s Confused

Your ex still has unresolved, confusing feelings for you. Part of him misses you and wants to get back together, while another part needs space to get over the relationship. This inner conflict leads to mixed signaling.

Blocking you satisfies his need for distance, but then unblocking scratches the itch for connection. Back and forth he goes as his own feelings seesaw.

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5. He’s Hoping You’ll Chase

Some guys block exes, hoping it’ll make their ex panic and begin relentlessly pursuing them. To your ex, blocking functions like playing hard to get.

His fantasy is you begging for him back the moment he unblocks you. Of course, that reaction never comes, but he stubbornly keeps up the blocking/unblocking routine, hoping you’ll “come to your senses.”

6. He Can’t Let Go

Exes who can’t let go have difficulty moving on, so they resort to immature blocking and unblocking behaviors. Your ex wants a clean break but lacks the willpower to walk away.

Unblocking you eases his separation anxiety temporarily. But when his feelings become overwhelming again, he blocks you, only to change his mind soon after.

7. He’s Keeping You On The Hook

Some exes keep exes hooked on social media to boost their ego whenever they want. Having easy access to you means your ex can slide into your DMs when he feels lonely or is looking for a hookup.

Blocking and unblocking ensures you stay tuned in for whenever he wants attention. Don’t fall for it – he lost the privilege of your emotional support after the breakup.

8. Should You Block Him Back?

Seeing constant notifications that your ex has blocked or unblocked you again is frustrating. But resist the urge to block him back as retaliation.

Doing so will only motivate him to find other ways to contact you or provoke a reaction.

The healthiest response is to ignore him completely. Go on living your best life and focus on your own happiness.

Your ex will eventually get bored without the drama and find someone else to manipulate.

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Final Thoughts

Blocking and unblocking after a breakup is juvenile and unfair to you. You deserve to move on cleanly without this endless drama.

Be the stable, mature one, and stop allowing your ex to control you. Keep him blocked once and for all, and get excited about new dating prospects ahead!

The right partner will be secure enough to never dream of playing such hurtful games. Trust that you’ll find that healthy relationship if you reflect on any red flags from this one.

Learn from the experience, let go of resentment, and start fresh. The possibilities ahead are endless!


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