Why Does My Boyfriend Never Want to Make Love?

Your boyfriend never seems to want to make love anymore. His libido is low, and he doesn’t initiate intimacy.

You’re left confused, worried something is wrong, and unsatisfied. Don’t panic – there are some possible reasons why your boyfriend’s sex drive may have taken a nosedive.

This article will explore possible reasons why your boyfriend never want to make love to you.

However, understanding the reasons behind your boyfriend’s disinterest in making love requires a delicate approach.

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Why Does My Boyfriend Never Want to Make Love?

Why Does My Boyfriend Never Want to Make Love?

Navigating the complexities of a partner’s sexual desire can be both challenging and emotionally charged.

While physical intimacy is not the sole foundation of a strong relationship, it is essential in fostering emotional closeness and bonding.

The following reasons are why your boyfriend never want to make love;

1. He Could Be Stressed

Stress can zap anyone’s libido. If your boyfriend is dealing with a lot of pressure and responsibilities in his work or personal life, that can severely dampen his desire for sex.

Make sure he has outlets for managing stress – exercise, hobbies, and therapy if needed. Don’t add to his anxiety by demanding sex or making him feel guilty.

Be patient and understanding, and look for ways to help him relax. An unpressured back rub, his favorite meal, or a fun outing can go a long way.

As his stress levels decrease, his interest in intimacy may recover.

2. Is He Depressed?

Depression greatly affects sex drive and enjoyment of life in general. If your once energetic, sexual boyfriend seems moody, withdrawn, and just not himself, clinical depression may be taking its toll.

Try gently talking to him about his feelings and if he needs help. You can research counselors and therapists together.

Getting the right treatment can bring back his zest for life and physical intimacy with you. Be supportive through the process.

3. Low Testosterone Could Be the Culprit

Testosterone is the hormone most responsible for sex drive in men. If your boyfriend’s testosterone levels have declined, that can make him uninterested in sex.

Contributing factors like chronic stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, alcohol abuse, and certain medications can deplete testosterone production.

Have his levels tested by his doctor, and if they’re low, treatment like testosterone replacement therapy may help get his mojo back.

4. Is He Still Attracted to You?

This may be hard to hear, but your boyfriend’s libido lag may stem from a lack of attraction.

Maybe you’ve changed your hair, gained weight, or just fallen into boring routines as a couple. Try to stay fit, switch up your look now and then, flirt, and have fun together.

Couples therapy could help you both share hidden feelings. If there’s an attraction problem, honest communication, and effort can often rebuild the spark.

5. Performance Anxiety

Many men feel pressure to “perform” in bed. If your boyfriend has erection problems, is overwhelmed by the idea of pleasing you, or feels self-conscious about his skills as a lover, performance anxiety can make him avoid intimacy altogether.

Reassure him you care more about emotional connection than athletic feats. Slow things down and take intercourse off the table for a while.

Learn new ways to give each other pleasure without penetration. In time, his fears may fade.

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6. Does He Have Unresolved Trauma?

Past emotional, physical or sexual abuse can leave scars that impede normal adult sexual functioning.

If you know your boyfriend has trauma in his background, or suspect it, gently encourage him to open up to you or find professional counseling.

Healing takes time, but with your compassion and competent therapy, he can overcome trauma’s effects. Regaining comfort with emotional and physical closeness is possible.

7. Could He Be Gay?

Though uncomfortable, some men with low desire for women and minimal interest in heterosexual s3x could be closeted gays.

Childhood stigma and fear of coming out can be paralyzing. If you see hints like him checking out other men, secret gay porn use, or deceptive behavior with “friends,” it’s time for a compassionate heart-to-heart.

Assure him of your love and support, whatever his orientation. With trust, honesty, and counseling, he can move towards authenticity – and you can make decisions about your life.

8. What About Medical Causes?

Erectile dysfunction, hormonal disorders, pornography addiction, prescription drug side effects, and other medical problems could sabotage your boyfriend’s libido.

Encourage him to get a full checkup and discuss this issue honestly with his doctor. Many medical fixes are available, but he must take the first step.

Offer to accompany him to appointments for moral support. His health, and your relationship’s future, are worth it!

9. Is He Cheating?

Hopefully, infidelity isn’t the case, but it happens sometimes. If your once passionate partner now avoids s3x with you yet seems secretive, distracted, and disconnected, he may have found intimacy elsewhere.

Do some quiet snooping for evidence like unexplained absences, mysterious phone calls, credit card charges, new clothing, or grooming habits.

Trust your gut. If you confront him, watch his reaction closely. Counseling could help reveal the truth and offer a chance at rebuilding trust if he’s remorseful, honest, and committed to change.

But if he’s cheating and unrepentant, you’ll have painful choices of either breaking up or staying with him.

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Final Thoughts

While you try to understand and support your boyfriend through this dry spell, don’t forget about your own perfectly normal needs for intimacy.

Masturbation and toys can provide physical relief in the short term. But don’t let months or years go by without addressing this issue.

If his low libido persists and leaves you unfulfilled, you may have to consider moving on.

You deserve a complete relationship with good s3xual communication and chemistry. After reasonable time and effort, don’t settle for less.

Going through relationship slumps and dry spells is tough. But with patience, understanding, compassion, professional help if necessary, and open communication between partners, many couples navigate back to greater intimacy.

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