69 Signs Your Relationship is Over or on the Verge of Ending for Good

When two adults are in a relationship, it is often difficult to tell when it’s time to call it quits. That is why we have taken time to note the 69 signs that will show that your relationship is over and on the verge of ending for good.

Relationships can be complicated, and it’s hard to know when it’s time to move on.

This is especially tricky in long-term relationships, as the feelings can be stronger and more difficult to let go. Unfortunately, there are certain signs that a relationship is over. 

While these signs may not be the same for everyone, they can be warning signs that it’s time to reevaluate the relationship and decide to stay or move on.

Some of these signs may be more obvious than others, but it’s important to pay attention to them to make the best decision for both parties.

Understanding the signs that a relationship is over can help make the process of ending a relationship easier and less painful.

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69 Signs Your Relationship is Over or on the Verge of Ending for Good

1. You no longer have anything to talk about

2. You don’t feel any connection or passion

3. You’re not attracted to the other person

4. There’s a lack of trust

5. The other person is emotionally unavailable

6. You’re constantly arguing

7. You feel like you’re always walking on eggshells

8. Your partner is controlling

9. You’re always competing

10. You’re not having sex

11. You’re not making any effort

12. You don’t feel appreciated

13. You’ve lost interest in each other

14. You’re no longer making plans for the future

15. You’re not communicating

16. Your partner is always critical

17. Your partner has become mean

18. Your partner is dismissive of your feelings

19. Your partner is always making excuses

20. Your partner isn’t following through on promises

21. You’re growing apart

22. You’re not making time for each other

23. You’re not supporting each other

24. You’re not compromising

25. You’re not being honest

26. You’re not being supportive

27. You’re not being affectionate

28. You’re not listening to each other

29. You’re not showing appreciation

30. You’re not taking responsibility

31. You’re not making any sacrifices

32. Your partner isn’t supportive of your goals

33. You’re not making any effort to make things work

34. You’re not being respectful

35. You’re not valuing each other’s opinions

36. You’re not respecting each other’s boundaries

37. You’re both too busy for the relationship

38. You’re not having fun together

39. You’re not being spontaneous

40. You both have different values

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41. You’re not compromising or negotiating

Signs to Know Your Relationships is Over and Give up

42. You’re not being open and honest

43. You’re not making each other a priority

44. Your partner is always trying to fix you

45. Your partner is always trying to prove something

46. Your partner is constantly talking about other people

47. Your partner is always making plans without you

48. Your partner is always making decisions without consulting you

49. Your partner is always talking about the past

50. You’re not growing together

51. You’re not learning from each other

52. You’re not investing in each other

53. You’re not making time for each other

54. You’re not celebrating each other’s successes

55. You’re not feeling appreciated

56. You’re not being loyal

57. You’re not taking the relationship seriously

58. You’re not making any effort to make things work

59. You’re both too comfortable

60. You’re not being challenged

61. You’re not being vulnerable

62. You’re not being honest about your feelings

63. You’re not being honest with each other

64. You’re not being supportive of each other

65. You’re not being patient

66. You’re not being kind

67. Your partner is always trying to change you

68. Your partner is always trying to control you

69. You’re not happy in the relationship

Signs When the Relationship is Over 

When a relationship is over, it is often not an easy decision to make. Signs that a relationship is over can include physical and emotional distance, lack of communication and intimacy, constant arguing and fighting, and feeling like you are no longer growing together. 

It is also possible to feel like the relationship has become toxic, and one or both partners may feel resentment.

If you do not want to be around your partner or feel like you have grown apart, it may be time to end the relationship.

Always remember that relationships can be complex, and make sure that the decision to end it is the right one.

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Final Thought

Relationships can be complicated, and it can be challenging to determine when it is time to end it. However, paying attention to the 69 signs in this article can help you identify when a relationship is on the verge of ending or has already ended.

It is important to remember that ending a relationship is a decision that should be made with care and consideration for both parties involved.

If you feel your relationship has ended, it is better to tell your partner honestly and seek support from friends and family as needed.

Moving on from a relationship can be difficult, but it is often a necessary step toward personal growth and finding happiness.

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