35 Signs to Tell if a Guy Is Gay

Have you ever pondered how to determine whether a man is gay? Do you believe any of your friends or your boyfriend is gay? So, What are the top 35 signs to tell if a guy is gay?

Although, some warning signs can help determine whether a man is gay or not.

Men don’t carry a sign over their heads telling you what kind of sex they prefer. Some characters are reasonably subtle or even undetectable!

Gay men generally act and walk the same as straight men. They also don’t sound or walk any different.

Because of this, it can be challenging to determine whether a man is gay; however, these signs should make it easier for you.

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What Are The Signs to Tell If a Guy is Gay ?

Signs to Tell If a Guy is Gay
Signs to Tell If a Guy is Gay

1. He Stares at Other Men

Staring at other men too often may signify a man’s homosexual orientation.

Even though it might be pretty subtle, if you notice it frequently, it could be that your man is gay.

3. He Flirts With Men

A man would only try to flirt with another man if he had sexual feelings for him.

Therefore, one of the signs that a man is gay could be that he frequently flirts with men.

4. Many of His Friends Are Gay

There is a high likelihood that a man could be gay if he has a lot of gay friends.

Birds of a feather flock together, as we have all heard, and this proverb has almost always been true.

5. He Watches Gay Porn

Has your man ever been caught watching gay porn? That indicates that he might be gay.

6. He Gifts His Male Friends a Lot

Suppose your man buys several of his male friend’s extravagant gifts.

You might assume it’s because of their friendship, but if he keeps buying luxury items for a handsome, charming male colleague, your man likely has feelings for him.

After all, gay men must impress their lovers as well.

7. He Sleeps at a Friend’s Place Often

You should start to be suspicious if your man enjoys spending several Saturdays and Sundays each year hanging out with a particular friend you can’t recall ever dating a girl.

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8. He Clear His Internet History

Have you found yourself on his laptop or phone’s browsing history? His he fond of clearing it? Them, you have reason to be suspicious.

People permanently delete their browser history when they don’t want others to know what they have been surfing the web.

Your man could be watching gay porn, chatting on a gay dating website, masturbating with gay videos, or doing other gay-related activities, which is why he always clears his browser history.

It would be best if you did not accuse him wrongfully; instead, make sure you have credible proof so that he does not end up denying it.

9. He Grooms Himself Too Much

When a guy becomes overly concerned with cosmetics, it could signify that he is gay.

10. He Loves Girlie Things

Is your man into girly things? If he does, you should be suspicious.

Other Signs To Tell If A Guy Is Gay Includes:

  1. He doesn’t like sports
  2. He supports homosexuality
  3. He doesn’t like women
  4. He likes colourful clothes
  5. He likes wearing tight clothes
  6. He has female sex toys
  7. He had a past sexual relationship with a man
  8. He is secretive about his male friends
  9. He is interested in makeup
  10. He doesn’t admire other women
  11. He shaves his butt hole
  12. He is uncomfortable around women
  13. He is a member of a gay dating app or site
  14. He prefers the attention of other men.
  15. He talks about a threesome
  16. He is too interested in fashion
  17. He hangs out a lot with one man.
  18. He doesn’t like MMA or Combat Sport
  19. He is always on the phone with me
  20. He is fond of chatting with men.
  21. He has pictures of men’s dicks on his phone
  22. He has gay porn on his phone
  23. He has a gay magazine
  24. He idolizes a celebrity who is gay
  25. He likes wearing female undies

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Final Thoughts

With the above outlined signs, you could tell if a man is gay or not.

Every little behavioral details cumulates to who and what we’re as individuals, so paying attention to the smaller things would have you know if a man is gay in no time.

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