How to Stop Caring About Someone Who Hurt You: 15 Steps to Heal

When people break our hearts, we need to heal. So how can you stop caring about someone who hurt you?

Dealing with the hurt caused by someone can be tough, but healing is possible.

The danger in letting someone we love hurt us is that they leave a permanent scar that could take years to heal if we let it.

In this guide, we’ll walk through simple steps on how to stop caring about someone who hurt you.

It’s all about taking care of yourself and finding a way to move forward. Let’s explore these steps together and work towards healing from the pain.

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How to Stop Caring About Someone Who Hurt You

1. Please Get Rid of Them on Social Media

If you’re still thinking about the person who hurt you, one of the best things you can do is delete them from your social media.

That way, you won’t be able to keep tabs on their life and won’t be as tempted to reach out to them.

Additionally, unfollowing or muting them can help to lessen the blow.

2. Block Their Phone Number

One of the best ways to stop caring about someone who hurt you is to block their phone number.

That way, you won’t be able to see or hear from them ever again, and you’ll be able to move on with your life.

3. Please Get Rid of Whatever They Gave You

If they gave you a physical object, like a piece of jewelry or a clothing item, get rid of it.

Mostly if it’s something you can’t throw away, put it somewhere out of sight where you won’t have to see it daily.

If you have any digital reminders of the person, delete them from your social media accounts and your phone.

4. Daydream of a Beautiful Future

It’s easy to get caught up in what might have been. We can’t change the past, but we can control how we react to it.

If someone has hurt you, it’s natural to want revenge or to hold a grudge. But to move on, you must find a way to let go of the anger and pain.

One way to do this is to focus on your future. Imagine a life where the person who hurt you is no longer a part of it.

Visualize yourself being happy and prosperous without that person bringing you down.

It may take some time, but eventually, you’ll be able to see that there is a bright future ahead of you without that person in it.

5. Engage in a Fun Hobby

It’s so easy to become bitter after someone hurts us. We might think we’re justified in feeling this way, but it only ends up harming us.

A better approach is finding a new hobby or activity you enjoy. That can help take your mind off what happened and give you a positive outlet for your energy.

6. Get Support From Your Friends

Your friends are there for a reason. They care about you and want to help you through tough times. So, lean on them for support.

Talk to them about what happened and how you’re feeling. Let them be there for you.

7. Distract Yourself

When you’re feeling down about someone who hurt you, try to distract yourself with other things.

Doing things that make you happy can help take your mind off the situation.

Attend a concert, read your favorite book, or go out with friends.

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8. Talk to a Professional

If you’re struggling to deal with the situation alone, it may be helpful to talk to a professional.

A professional can help you work through your feelings and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

9. Write It Down

Sometimes writing down what happened can help you process your thoughts and feelings.

It can also be therapeutic to write a letter (even if you don’t send it) to the person.

10. Watch a Funny Movie

If you’re finding it hard to stop caring about someone who hurt you, one way to help distract yourself is by watching a funny movie.

Laughter is a great way to release tension and reduce stress, so popping in your favorite comedy can be a quick pick-me-up when feeling down.

It can be tough to deal with someone who has hurt you. Trying to stop caring about them can be even more challenging. But, it is possible.

11. Change Your Phone Number

The majority of people find changing their phone numbers to be intimidating.

Fortunately, by following a few easy procedures, you may avoid any inconvenience and instantly begin using your new, improved phone number.

Changing your phone helps cut contact with the one who has hurt you and will go a long way to helping your healing process.

12. Delete All the Photos You Took With Them

This is one very famous step a lot of hurt people take, doesn’t make it any less effective.

There’s a saying that goes “Out of sight is out of mind”, distancing yourself from the memories or pictures that remind you about the time you shared is good for your healing process.

13. Accept What Happened and Move On With Your Life

This is often the first of all advice given to people who’re hurt/heartbroken.

The best thing you can do for yourself is accepting what has happened and move on with your life to avoid what happened in the Tyler Perry movie “Acrimony”.

14. Stop Talking About Them

Avoid talking about them like you’d have avoided the plague that happened in Egypt during the Israelite turmoil according to the good book.

If you’re with mutual friends and their issues pop up, you should excuse yourself and take a walk, you don’t have to go through the torture.

15. Stop Blaming Yourself

STOP BLAMING YOURSELF! Except you’re the one at fault, you shouldn’t be blaming yourself.

If you were at fault, forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness. Relationships fail all the time, fingers don’t have to be pointed, mostly not to yourself.

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Final Thought

As earlier stated, getting hurt by someone we care about often leaves permanent scars that could take years to heal.

When this happens, we often try to stop caring about that person to easily heal and feel less hurt.

Following the above-stated 15 steps will help you stop caring about that special someone who hurt you. Good luck in your journey of healing.


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