18 Ways On How To Become The Best Boyfriend To Your Lover

Being the best boyfriend isn’t just a phrase; it’s a commitment that requires effort and dedication. It’s not about grand gestures but about consistently showing love, and care, and being a positive influence.

Achieving the status of the best boyfriend your girlfriend has ever had involves determination and a genuine desire to make your relationship special.

As a man, you should aim to be the head and anchor of your relationship. When you show love and good vibes to your woman, it sets the stage for her to be the best partner for you too.

Let’s explore some simple ways to become the boyfriend every girl dreams of.

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18 Ways On How To Become The Best Boyfriend To Your Lover

18 Ways On How To Become The Best Boyfriend To Your Lover

Here are 18 tips on how to become the best boyfriend to your girlfriend:

1. Pay Attention to Small Details

Often, women say their partners don’t pay attention, especially when they talk or need something. Ignoring these moments might make your partner seek attention elsewhere.

You won’t always have tons of time, but it’s crucial to notice what she likes and dislikes. This creates a way for her to feel comfortable talking to you about anything.

When she believes you pay attention to her life, she’ll see you as the best boyfriend she’s ever had, if not perfect.

2. Avoid Being Selfish

It’s common to prioritize yourself and forget to involve your partner in your activities. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance and not be excessively selfish in a healthy relationship.

Successful relationships often involve putting your partner first. But remember, do it in moderation, so you don’t lose yourself while trying to make your partner happy.

3. Share a Good Laugh

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh now and then? Certainly not me, lol. To be the best boyfriend, even with a busy schedule, take time to crack jokes and make your girlfriend laugh.

Laughter helps create a relaxed atmosphere, strengthening the bond with your partner.

Ladies are often drawn to men with a sense of humor and charisma, not those who take everything too seriously.

4. Be a Supportive Partner

Everyone needs a helping hand at times. As the best boyfriend she’s ever had, one of the most appreciated things would be your support in all aspects of her life.

Many people find it hard to ask for help, so whether your girlfriend asks or not, being supportive goes a long way.

Remember, don’t do things just to impress her. Be genuinely happy and comfortable with what you do, without it feeling like a burden.

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5. Maintain Good Hygiene Practices

Nobody wants a partner with poor hygiene habits. To be the best boyfriend, make sure you always look good, smell nice, and appear healthy.

Remember, cleanliness is linked to godliness. When you practice good hygiene, your girlfriend will enjoy being close to you, holding you, cuddling with you, and giving you kisses.

So, remember to brush your teeth twice a day, take regular baths, wear clean and nice shirts, and use good deodorant, and a pleasant perfume. This way, you’ll always be appealing to your girlfriend.

6. Leave the Past Behind in Your Relationship

A lot of times, you might catch yourself talking about your ex or comparing your current partner during misunderstandings.

Doing this frequently can ruin the positive vibes in your relationship. It may also make your girlfriend wonder if you truly love her or if something is wrong.

On the flip side, nobody likes someone who can’t let go of the past. Dwelling on past events only holds back you and your relationship. It’s best to leave the past behind.

7. Understand Each Other’s Ways of Love

When you know what makes your partner feel loved, and she knows what does the same for you, it strengthens your relationship and deepens your bond.

If paying attention to details isn’t your strong suit, you can simply ask your woman what she likes or enjoys the most in how you treat her.

This could include gifts, acts of service, attention, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Knowing your girlfriend’s love language allows you to be more romantic, making your relationship even stronger.

Consider reading Gary Chapman’s book, “The 5 Love Languages,” for a deeper insight into being the man after her heart.

8. Show Kindness

Being kind is a valuable quality. When you show kindness to your partner, it makes a significant impact.

You can express kindness by being gentle with your girlfriend, considering her emotional needs, being there for her when she’s unwell, comforting her during tough times, and much more.

Kindness is a priceless virtue that contributes to a healthier and happier relationship.

9. Navigate Disagreements Wisely

Every relationship faces challenges, and arguments are part of it. If not handled properly, they can turn into something harmful, which is not good for your relationship.

To be the best boyfriend, manage heated arguments by speaking less and choosing your words carefully, so you don’t say hurtful things to your partner.

Talk to her about the importance of having healthy arguments, without name-calling or negativity.

10. Be an Attentive Listener

It doesn’t make sense if your partner is talking to you, and you’re busy with your phone or completely distracted.

It can make her feel like what she’s saying isn’t important or that you’re not interested. In a healthy relationship aiming for something solid, it’s crucial to listen to your girlfriend, whether the topic interests you or not.

It goes a long way in strengthening your relationship. Bringing up those topics later and asking for her feedback shows that you care and value what she says.

11. Embrace Forgiveness

Imagine the worst thing that could happen if you don’t forgive. Holding onto grudges can keep you stuck and restrained.

Whatever your partner might have done to hurt you, consider finding the strength to forgive.

It’s not easy, but forgiving her for any way she may have hurt you can free you and open up space for better things in your life.

If forgiving is a challenge, talk to your partner about how her actions have hurt you and discuss ways to move forward together.

12. Be Naturally Romantic

Being the best boyfriend involves being romantic and sweet to your girlfriend, especially when she least expects it.

Take her on romantic dinner dates, plan enjoyable hangouts, and express sweetness whenever you can.

Doing these things now and then will be truly appreciated by her. Being effortlessly romantic is a wonderful way to strengthen your connection and make her feel cherished.

13. Practice Generosity

Nobody likes someone who is too tight with money. So, when you make an effort to be generous to your girlfriend in the ways you can, it helps strengthen your relationship.

However, remember not to go overboard just to please her, especially if she doesn’t reciprocate these kind gestures by being generous in her little ways.

14. Embrace Change

In life, the only constant is change. If you keep doing the same things all the time without adding excitement to your relationship, it can become dull.

Both of you might start feeling bored around each other. To avoid this, switch up the places you hang out, come up with fun activities, try cooking different meals together, and spice up your intimate moments.

Ask your partner what she enjoys and wants to try out. Exploring your fantasies and improving your sex life can help both of you bond and grow closer.

15. Avoid Manipulation

Sometimes, it’s easy to get carried away and ask your girlfriend to do things just to prove she loves you. This is unhealthy.

To be the best boyfriend, calmly request things from her and never force her into anything she doesn’t want to do or isn’t comfortable with.

Manipulating her because you think it shows love is not good for the relationship in the long run.

16. Express Gratitude

Showing gratitude to your girlfriend for the ways she’s been good, supportive, and thoughtful can go a long way in encouraging her to do more.

However, consistently talking her down and criticizing her can make her feel undervalued and not good enough for you. This is harmful to your relationship in the long term.

17. Stay Faithful

No one likes a partner who flirts with others. It’s not right for any relationship. Every woman dreams of having a man she can trust completely.

So, to be the best boyfriend, you must remain loyal to her. If you can’t commit and stay loyal, then being in a relationship might not be the right choice for you.

18. Get Along with Her Friends and Family

Knowing that your partner gets along well with your friends and family brings immense joy. It makes her happy and assures her that you genuinely value and love her.

Encourage her to build relationships with your family and friends as well. This way, both families can get to know each other, creating more harmony in the relationship.

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Final Thought

Becoming the best boyfriend is an ongoing journey that involves commitment, love, and care. It’s not about being perfect but about consistently striving to be the best partner for your girlfriend.

Meeting her expectations and being a positive influence can strengthen your bond.

Remember, being the anchor of your relationship means showing love and good vibes, and fostering a connection that makes both of you the best partners for each other.


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