12 Great Signs You Are Dating a Mature Man

12 Great Signs You Are Dating a Mature Man

What makes a mature man? What are the signs that your are dating a mature man both mentally, and emotionally? 

There is a general saying that, maturity does not have to do with age. But has to do with how you view and react to the things around you.

There is a scientific theory that men tend to mature more slowly than women. Women mature 4 times faster than men.

Perhaps, this is why in the puberty stages, you would realize that a girl tends to comport and behave herself better compared to a boy whom they happen to be of the same age.

As time goes on, one realizes that most men don’t tend to grow out of that immature stage. They grow up doing silly things, and reacting in an immature manner.

If you would agree with me, being in a romantic relationship with an immature man can be so stressful.

Like one minute, he is all cool with you, and the next moment he is finding fault over things that shouldn’t even be.

If a boy grows up not checking his emotions, and still acting like a child. He grows up being an emotionally immature lover, and it is you the woman in the relationship, that would suffer for this.

If at the moment, your partner or lover is everything you have ever wanted in a partner, then count yourself blessed. For a mature man doesn’t come easy these days.

Meanwhile, you might be wondering what are those attributes a mature man should possess. Below, are the signs you should look out for.

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12 Great Signs You Are Dating a Mature Man

Here are some great signs you’re dating a matured man;

1. A Mature Man Does Not Suppress His Feelings

Boy’s are most times taught not to show their feelings, for it would be regarded as a sign of weakness.

These men most times grow up having resentment, and bottling up a whole lot of things because they feel, and think when they open up, they would be regarded as being weak.

This overtime has made him less outspoken, and most times lie that everything is alright with him, whereas otherwise is the case.

When you are dating a mature man, he would open up about his feelings to you.

He would tell you the things you might have done wrong, and ways he feels he needs you to change and be a better partner to him or ways he feels the relationship will be more successful instead of lying, suppressing his feelings, while pretending in the process.

2. A Mature Man Knows When to Draw the Line

Yeah, in a romantic relationship, most partners don’t know when to draw the line in terms of respecting their partners differences, and not indulging them into doing things for you against their will.

A mature man, will know your strengths, and your weaknesses. And would not want to force you into doing things that does not align with who you are.

He would give you the space to be yourself in a good heathy way without you feeling a sense to please him out of fear o what have you.

A mature man, would love you for you, and would correct you when need be, in a clam and good way.

3. He Always Wants to Assist You

A man who is mature would want to assist you with the chores or volunteer to assist you get the groceries at the supermarket, or do something anything he perceives you would be needing assistance with.

Without him feeling like he is spoiling you, or that you are old enough to handle your stuffs, and what have you.

He would want to be there to render any form of help that he knows you would be needing.

4. He Knows How to Clean After Himself

What is the point of being a grown up, and you don’t know how to keep your environment tidy, or even clean yourself up properly by maintaining good and proper hygiene?

Like why would a grown up man, still be expecting his mama or any woman he dates or marries to be the one to clean up after him?

It doesn’t make any sense yeah? Most especially when you he ain’t a baby any more, that needs diaper change, and what have you. If you happen to be dating such a man, this can be so frustrating.

Hence, a mature knows when to keep his surroundings neat and tidy. No matter how busy he might be, he should be able to make himself, and the cleanliness of his environment his topmost priority.

5. A Mature Man Focuses on Being a Better Version of Himself

Any mature man, would want to make sure he improves on a daily basis in almost all aspect of his life.

He would strive to be physically, mentally, and emotionally mature, because he knows that the day he stops learning, that is the day that he would stop being a better version of his true self.

6. He Expects You to Be Yourself at All Times

A mature man doesn’t go into a relationship expecting so much from you. All a mature man wants is respect, and loyalty on your part as his woman.

He doesn’t expect you to pretend or act in a certain type of way. If e is into you, he lets his feelings known. If he isn’t, he let you go, instead of lying and probably wasting your time.

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7.   He Controls His Jealousy

Sometimes, it is normal to feel threatened or behave in an awkward way because you feel your lover is giving attention to someone else.

Or you feel someone else is getting too close to the person you love. A mature guy who has grown emotionally mature, he won’t start acting out of the norm, and accusing you falsely of cheating.

If he is feeling any way insecure, he will open up to you about how he feels, asking for your reassurance, and trust.

8. He Talks to You About the Future

A mature man would do all he can to work towards having a great future. And wouldn’t in anyway only focus on the present.

A mature guy would visualize how he wants the future to be, the goals he needs to accomplish, and ways you fit into his plans for the future.

An immature guy only focuses on now, which is bad on the long run.

9. He Will Be Your Backbone

What is the point being in a relationship with a msn who doesn’t in anyway support you, or is there for you when you are down?

An immature guy would feel you should do your own stuff, and he does his. He doesn’t expect you to come to him when you need help or assistance. Because he thinks why should he even support you wen he ain’t even married to you.

And when he is even married to you, he wouldn’t want be there for you when you need him. He is self-centered, and selfish.

10. A Mature Man Takes the Blame Whenever He Is Wrong

Taking the blame when you know you are wrong is not a thing most men or women can easily do. This is because they feel why should they apologize? But this is a sign of immaturity.

A mature man, would want to sincerely apologize whenever he knows that he is wrong. He would not in anyway make you feel bad, or do mind games into making you apologize or push the blame on you for an offense you didn’t commit.

11. He Makes You See Through Him

A mature man would want to put in all the effort he has to make you know his true intentions and also make you know and feel how much he loves you.

He doesn’t go about leaving you to figure out things about that relationship for yourself. He opens up to you, he ensures that you know that the relationship is not one-sided.

But that he wants the best for the both of you.

12. A Mature Man Avoids Unnecessary Fights

Having misunderstandings in relationships is inevitable. A mature man would try as much as possible to avoid unnecessary fights or misunderstandings and this is the twelfth of the signs you are dating a mature man.

He would try to be calm, and not go into a session of banter with you. Maintaining peace, calmness, and order is his upmost priority.

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Final Thought

We have outlined 12 great signs you are dating a mature man, both mentally and emotionally.

This piece can also be used as a guideline to check one self to know if you as a man possess the qualities of a mature man.

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