Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me His Wife?

When your boyfriend call you his wife all the time, what could be his motives?

You’ve been dating your boyfriend for a while now, and things are getting serious. You love each other, spend all your free time together, and see a future with him.

But lately, you’ve noticed that he’s started referring to you as his “wife.” He’ll say things like, “I need to check with my wife before making plans,” or “My wife will love that restaurant.” At first, it threw you off, but now you’re just confused.

What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you his wife? Should you be flattered or concerned?

Here’s an in-depth look at why he might use that term and what it could signify about your relationship.

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Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me His Wife?

Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me His Wife?

Here are some good reasons why your boyfriend call you his wife so often:

1. It’s His Way of Expressing Commitment

For many guys, calling you their “wife” is their way of showing you how seriously they take your relationship.

Marriage may not be on the table yet. However, by referring to you in this wifely way, he’s indicating that he’s extremely committed to you and sees you as his life partner, even without the legal paperwork.

It probably thrills him to imagine you as his wife one day.

2. It Reflects How Interconnected Your Lives Are

Chances are, if your boyfriend calls you his wife, your lives are intertwined already. You spend most nights together, know each other’s schedules and friends, and I’ve met each other’s families.

He may see you more as his domestic partner than as some casual girlfriend. The “wife” label better captures the depth of your commitment and connection.

3. It’s Role Play for Him

Calling you their wife is some innocent role-playing for some guys. Using that term, he gets to pretend or envision what it would be like to marry you.

It’s like you’re acting out a little snippet of your fantasized future together. And that can feel romantic!

But keep in mind the fantasy aspect of it—he knows you’re not really his wife (yet!).

4. He Wants to Give the Relationship Legitimacy

In long-term relationships where the couple is not yet married, a guy might need to give the relationship extra legitimacy by assigning the “wife” title.

If you’ve been dating for years and people assume you’re married, he may feel like calling you his wife removes any cloud of doubt and proves you’re together forever, whether or not you’ve had a wedding.

5. It’s His Culture

In some cultures and families, “husband” and “wife” are used loosely. Partners committed to each other are considered spouses, even without legal marriage.

If your boyfriend is from this background, calling you his wife may be his natural way of defining your solid relationship.

6. He Wants to Hint at Marriage

Of course, one genuine possibility is that your boyfriend has started calling you his wife because he sees marriage in your future and wants to test the label.

How do you respond when he uses that term? If you act uncomfortable, he’ll know to back off.

But if you seem receptive, he’ll take that as a green light to keep moving things in a marital direction.

7. He Doesn’t See a Difference

For some couples, there’s not much practical difference between a long-term girlfriend and a wife. You act like spouses in every way.

So, for him, calling you his wife may reflect this reality. As long as you’re fine with it, he figures, why not refer to you that way when it captures your relationship?

8. It Slipped Out Accidentally

Has your boyfriend only referred to you as his wife once or twice? It could be that it simply slipped out by accident.

Perhaps you were meeting his friends for the first time, and he got nervous and misspoke. Or he was talking about you to his parents, and the term sounded right now.

If it’s only happened a few times, it may not mean anything more than a simple flub. There’s no need to read into it too much.

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9. He Wants to Sound More Mature

Unfortunately, another possibility is that your boyfriend has started calling you his wife in front of others because he thinks it makes the relationship sound more mature and serious.

For some guys, having a “wife” bolsters their image at a certain age, even if you’re unmarried.

Pay attention to context clues and listen to your gut. If it feels like he’s just using the label for show, that’s a problem.

What Should You Do About It?

If you’re unsure how you feel about your boyfriend calling you his wife, don’t ignore it—have an open conversation.

The term obviously has very weighty implications, so it’s important you’re both on the same page about its significance.

Here are some tips for handling the situation:

  • Wait for the right moment. Don’t ambush him the second he refers to you as his wife. Wait for a quiet moment when you’re both relaxed.
  • Ask about his intentions. Have him explain in his own words why he’s been using that term and what exactly it means to him. Make sure you understand his thought process and motivations.
  • Share your perspective. Once you understand where he’s coming from, you can explain how it makes you feel when he uses that label—flattered, uncomfortable, premature, etc.
  • Discuss the implications. Have an honest discussion about the implications of him calling you his wife. Are you on the same page about the future of your relationship? Is he ready for everything marriage implies?
  • Set boundaries if needed. If the term makes you uneasy, explain why and tell him clearly you’d prefer if he didn’t use it. The key is setting mutually agreed-upon boundaries.
  • Reassess as needed. Check in periodically if he slips up and refers to you as his wife again. Make sure you continue feeling comfortable with it.

When your boyfriend calls you his wife, it opens up a lot of questions about where you stand as a couple.

But avoiding the issue won’t make it go away. Have an honest and thoughtful talk with him about this new term of endearment. You’ll both feel better when you’re on the same wavelength.

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Final Thoughts

If your boyfriend call you his wife, don’t just brush it off—explore what’s behind it.

With open communication, you can get to the bottom of his thought process and share your feelings to ensure you’re aligned.

Alignment and mutual understanding are critical in a healthy long-term relationship. His use of that particular term likely reveals key insights about your connection and where you’re headed.

Have a courageous conversation and keep your relationship thriving.

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