Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me His Wife?

Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me His Wife?

When your boyfriend call you his wife all the time, what could be his motives? You’ve been dating your boyfriend for a while now, and things are getting serious. You love each other, spend all your free time together, and see a future with him. But lately, you’ve noticed that he’s started referring to you … Read more

Friend Crush: What It Is, the Signs You Have One & What to Do Next

Friend Crush

Friend crush: Is there anything more romantic than the thrill of a potential new relationship with a platonic friend? From the blush of excitement that comes with the initial feelings to the giddy anticipation of what could come next, friend crushes can be some of the most thrilling connections we make. But what are they? … Read more

Crushing on a Friend? The 8 Signs and How to Get Over It

Crushing on a Friend

Crushing on a friend is likened to the age-old problem of friendship versus romance. Do you dare take the plunge and risk it all for the chance of love? Or should you keep things platonic and enjoy the safety of a strong, dependable friendship? If you’re crushing on a friend, the decision can be tough! … Read more