8 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Relationship(LDR)

These days, it’s easy to believe the mantra of Long Distant Relationships (LDR) can ‘NEVER’ work, but that isn’t true as we’d be outlining proven tips for a successful Long Distance relationship.

But before delving right into those tips that’d help you have a successful LDR by keeping the fire burning, it’s important to not that LDR is just like any normal relationship.

The only difference being the distance, which naturally entails as a couple you’d be restricted from doing a lot of physical activities.

However, the physical activities can be bundled together for when you see and one advantage is the yearning for each other always makes those days unforgettable if you know what I mean.

Now we have gotten that out of the way, let’s dive right into the 8 tips for a successful long distance relationship (LDR)

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The 8 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

Spending quality time or seeing often is the norm in a normal relationship, in most cases, that does not even guarantee the relationship will eventually lead somewhere great and solid in the long run.

That being said, there’s a general saying that there’s nothing impossible when one puts his/her efforts into something and is determined to make it work at all costs. This also applies to Normal Day Relationships (NDR) and Long Distant Relationships (LDR).

True Love, on the other hand, is no respecter of distance or what have you. The hearts of two love birds, irrespective of wherever they are if they, are true and committed to each other.

Their love would eventually blossom and stay stronger each day until the right time when they come together as one in marriage.

Below are a few things to adhere to if one desires a successful Long Distant Relationship (LDR) and to make it wax stronger and better in the long run.

1. Communicating as Often as Possible

Communication is one of the core ingredients in any relationship be it mutual or romantic. That is to say, constant communication is essential.

Communication helps the partners involved have a glimpse of what’s going on in their lives and how best they can make it work or see things they are not doing right.

2. Being Open, and Carry Each Other Along in Your Plans

One would say partners who see each other daily or who live in the same city tend to sometimes complain that their partner is not open to them. How much less someone whom you don’t often see physically?

Well, there’s nothing impossible if one could show been committed to each other by seeking each other’s opinion about one’s plans and the best ways to go about it whether far or near.

3. Building Each Other up and Encouraging Each Other

Asides from talking about romance and other obscene talks. Both partners can endeavor to encourage each other and build one another up, even from a distance.

They can build each other either mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and what have you, it helps the relationship in so many ways. It helps each partner to be better than they were before the relationship.

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4. Apologizing Easily Whenever Any of the Partners Wronged the Other

The act of being truly sorry for a wrong deed strengthens any relationship, likewise, a Long Distant Relationship (LDR).

So none of the partners should always claim to be right; it only weakens the relationship and draws you guys apart.

5. Being Truly Committed to Each Other

In a normal relationship where one sees the other almost every now and then. Being truly committed is most times difficult.

But it only takes discipline and a strong will to be with your partner and choose your partner every day, no matter what. This should be the same in a Long Distance Relationship.

The virtue of commitment is what Long distance relationships and short-distance relationships need. Hence it makes no difference.

6. Make Time to See and Spend Time With Each Other Physically

You two might have been far away due to work, educational pursuits, and what have you.

Nonetheless, if either of you could take turns visiting each other whenever you can to spend special and fun moments together.

It helps strengthen the bond between you two and helps you grow stronger and better.

7. Establish Rules, Guidelines, and Limits

Avoid actions and situations that might make your long-distance partner uncomfortable or threatened, to a reasonable extent.

Misconceptions are bound to happen in a relationship, having set rules can help steer your future issues and build a healthier connection.

Also, remember to set clear boundaries and rules that suit both of you.

8. Follow a Schedule and Stick to It

Timing is crucial in long-distance relationships. For a successful LDR, it’s essential to plan when you see each other, stick to that plan, and build trust in the process.

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Final Thought

Now you know our top 6 tips for a successful Long Distance relationship and how to execute them which includes making time for each other and adequate communication.

I hope this piece helps you deal properly with your long distance relationship, and wish you the best of luck.

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  1. Dear author, your article is interesting. But am in a bit of dilemma right now? so am in Love with this girl i met during my Youth Service, but the problem is I live in Abuja and she lives in Lagos. As result, this has discouraged the girl in accepting to date me coz she thinks our distance is already a barrier to the relationship. Pls what should i do?

    • Am quite sorry about your dilemma. Remember, there’s nothing love cannot achieve. If you truly love her, then make it happen. Make her see things from your perspective. Make her know that distance shouldn’t be a barrier for what you both truly feel for each other. And if she truly feels the way you feel for her, she’d definitely see reasons with you, and give you a chance! All you need to do, is prove that you’re genuinely worthy and serious! All the best Isaac. Kindly stay safe!🤗


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