The raging storm too shall pass!

Ranging Storm

Raging storm can come at any stage in life. At times, it comes at an early stage. Sometimes, when you are  in the middle of something great.

Or when you have something good going on in your life. And other times, the raging storm comes when things are not as you even want.

Life is most times not fair. And most times it doesn’t go the way we want or expect, or planned or envisioned.

You ask yourself, if there’s something wrong with you? Or the odds are against you or there are things you ain’t doing right, and what have you.

In life, most times you see someone whom you had grown up together doing way better then you in all ramifications.

The ranging storm too shall pass!

And you ask yourself will the heavens ever smile at you at least? Well, I want to encourage you today that, you are strong, you are good, you are great, and you can do a whole lot more than what you can ever imagine.

If only you will hold on until the raging storm stops and not give up on yourself!

Each stage in life comes with a raging storm in different dimensions. The raging storms in life is just like the Rainfall.

Most times when it’s about raining there are foreseen signs to warn you about the impending rain.

Most times, there are no signs at all. Yet when it comes, we don’t frown and say all sorts. You embrace it and think how best to use the rain to your advantage, either to go into it using an umbrella, or a raincoat or what have you.

Hence, the choice is yours today, to either take advantage of your present raging storm, and learn what you can from it. While waiting patiently for the sunshine.

Because no matter how it rains, and how ragingly stormy the storm might be, always have it and  know that the raging storms too shall pass.

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