7 Overlooked Reasons Why Most Marriages Fail Today

Marriage is often described as a sacred union, a lifelong commitment between two individuals who pledge to weather life’s storms together.

Despite this noble vision, modern marriages seem to face challenges that lead to a significant number of them falling apart.

In this post, we will talk about the overlooked reasons why many marriages fail today, what has changed, and how couples can navigate the complexities to build enduring relationships.

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7 Overlooked Reasons Why Most Marriages Fail Today

Below, in my opinion, are reasons why most marriages don’t last these days:

1. Entering Marriage with Incorrect Motives

Nowadays, many individuals get married with the wrong intentions. They view marriage as a tool to achieve personal goals, using their partner as a means to an end.

Consequently, when challenges arise and hinder their expectations, discontent sets in, turning what was once a beautiful relationship sour.

2. Lack of Genuine Dedication to Marriage Vows

It’s a common occurrence to encounter individuals perceived as better partners each day. Some spouses lack the discipline to honor their commitment and stay faithful.

This lack of commitment can lead to frequent instances of infidelity and other detrimental behaviors.

3. Emotional Immaturity Within the Marriage

Maturity extends beyond adulthood; emotional maturity is crucial. Adults must learn to overlook certain matters, avoiding unnecessary reactions when things deviate from their expectations in a marriage.

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4. Absence of Forgiveness in the Marriage

Nowadays, many young married couples tend to overreact and blow almost every issue out of proportion. It’s disheartening to see adults behaving like children.

Forgiveness involves the mental strength to release any wrongdoing, whether by oneself or others and move on.

Unfortunately, many married individuals today struggle with forgiving easily, holding onto past mistakes, which can strain the marriage.

5. Intolerance Towards Spouse’s Family and Friends

Frequently, you hear spouses expressing dislike for each other’s family or friends. A common scenario is one partner disapproving of the other’s close connections while expecting their own to be welcomed.

This habit creates a lack of unity and togetherness. If you prefer your spouse’s family and friends to keep their distance, the same standard should apply to your own.

6. Possessing Pride and Arrogance in the Marriage

In many marriages today, it’s a common trend for either the husband or wife to be filled with pride and arrogance.

Their focus is often solely on themselves, resistant to anything conflicting with their thoughts and desires.

Consequently, the more submissive spouse is compelled to comply with their wishes, leading to strain and resentment from the receiving partner.

7. God not Leading the Marriage

The book of Proverbs 24 verse 3 states that a house is built through wisdom and established through understanding.

Allowing God to be the leader of your marriage, guiding you with His wisdom, is crucial. Unfortunately, many marriages lack God’s will and presence today.

Prayer may be happening, but if one partner is disinterested, there is no full cooperation. As a result, the marriage becomes tumultuous when facing challenges.

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Final Thought

Reflecting on the current landscape of marriages, it’s evident that overlooked factors contribute significantly to the alarming rate of failures.

From evolving societal dynamics to individual mindset shifts, these factors can strain even the most dedicated partnerships.

As we conclude this exploration, the key lies in awareness, open communication, and a willingness to adapt.

By addressing these often neglected aspects, couples can lay a stronger foundation for lasting and fulfilling marriages.


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