Do Women Really Nag or They Simply Want to Be Heard?

A lot of times, we hear men saying, their women nag or complain incessantly, about things they should easily overlook and let go.

In the genuine sense, do most women nag excessively? Or on the other hand, they simply don’t have a clue on how best to communicate their needs. Or dislikes in a better way to their partners?

Let’s delve right in.

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Do Women Really Nag or They Simply Want to Be Heard?

This is a very dicey situation which does not have a straight forward answer. I have seen a couple, where the husband does not do what the wife/lady wants unless, she discusses it like a 1,000times with him.

Whereas, in another case, the spouse would not change in respect to what the wife or woman needs/desires. Unless, she discusses it in an exceptionally quiet, and in a mitigating way.

This is one of the things men wants from the women they love, which is to speak with him in a calm way and not harshly.

In the two occurrences above, one would plainly comprehend that the two women are simply expressing their desires. Perhaps in a different body language or tone.

Most times, may not really imply that, the woman in the first example is a whiner or a nagger in the real sense. But , she simply needs to be heard and patiently be attended to by her partner.

In the real sense, no relationship is a bed of roses. But irrespective of that, one should aim at all times, whatever the issue might be, to strive for peace in the relationship. So as to enjoy a Lasting Relationship.

Hence, in the treatment of issues that involves ones partner, one should be patient and attempt to have a heart-to-heart discussion. 

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What Role Can Men Play in This Situation?

With all that been said, men also have a role to play. This is when a real man displays his wisdom and kind-heartedness. Here is how:

1. Be empathetic

Instead of always feeling the women in your life is overly complaining, or pestering or nagging about an issue/issues.

A real man should also try to put themselves in the position of the ladies in their lives.

Taking this approach would inadvertently reduce the nagging, as the woman would feel valued.

2. Try to Understand them Better

They should read and understand their body languages more. To really understand the angle, the women wants to be heard or needs clarification on.

Instead of always misjudging them, when they are only being expressive on how they truly feel concerning an issue. This can foster trust, which would breed openness and peace.

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So, as a man in case you are wondering do women really nag or they simply want to be heard? implementing the suggestions listed above would help you understand their perspective and approach the issue in a wiser way.

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