12 Best Ways to Find Out if He’s Cheating On You

Discovering infidelity in a romantic relationship can be heart-wrenching. You might find yourself questioning your partner’s loyalty, sensing a shift in the dynamics of your connection.

If doubt lingers and you suspect your partner might be cheating, it’s important to approach the situation with caution.

Snooping and interrogating can strain the relationship further, making communication difficult.

In this guide, we explore subtle ways to find out if he’s cheating or she’s cheating, and why deciding to move on might be necessary if your partner isn’t willing to change.

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Ways to Find Out if He’s Cheating On You

Here are ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you:

1. Easily Irritated Behavior

One indicator that he might be cheating is when your partner starts getting easily irritated by your actions, words, or appearance.

If attempts to communicate are met with dismissive responses like “nothing is wrong,” and the irritability persists, it’s crucial to investigate the reason behind this sudden change in attitude.

2. Increased Phone Usage

In this era dominated by technology, it’s common for partners to use phones for various purposes.

However, if your partner consistently spends excessive time on the phone, making it challenging for you to see or understand their activities, it could be a sign of cheating.

Pay attention to these patterns and inquire discreetly if necessary.

3. Secretive Call Behavior

A potential red flag indicating cheating is when your partner begins to sneak out or hide to receive calls.

If there’s a noticeable shift in their comfort level receiving certain calls in your presence, especially if this behavior is new, it’s advisable to trust your instincts and explore the reasons behind this sudden change.

4. Silent or Flight Mode Phone Habits

If your partner frequently switches their phone to silent or flight mode when you’re around, it raises concerns.

While some may argue for personal space or a need for rest, the issue arises when they only return calls or respond to messages when away from you.

This change in behavior warrants a closer look to understand why your partner now acts differently in your presence.

5. Hesitation to Include You with Friends

In a healthy relationship, you should be a priority in your partner’s social life. If you notice your partner becoming skeptical about inviting you to gatherings with friends and consistently opting to spend time without you, it’s crucial to address this shift.

Openly discuss the reasons behind their preference for friends over shared experiences with you.

6. Increased Distraction

Another potential sign of cheating is when your partner appears more distracted and distant.

Even when sitting together, they might seem lost in thought, potentially daydreaming about someone else.

In a committed relationship, open communication is vital. If your partner is unable to express their feelings or concerns with you, it may indicate a breach of trust, suggesting they could be cheating.

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7. Changes in Sexual Desire

It’s natural for your partner not to be in the mood for intimacy all the time. According to MedicalNewsToday, factors like hormonal imbalances, emotional, and psychological issues can affect a person’s sexual drive.

Ideally, your partner should feel comfortable discussing these matters with you. However, if none of these factors apply and there’s a sudden shift in their interest in intimacy, it’s essential to investigate.

This could be an indication of potential cheating, prompting you to explore whether something in the relationship has changed or if there’s someone else involved.

8. One-Sided Engagement

Experiencing a relationship where you feel alone is disheartening. Your partner no longer prioritizing your needs, acting without considering you, and extended periods without seeing each other are alarming signs.

To determine if your partner is cheating, initiate an open conversation about the current state and future direction of the relationship.

By doing so, your partner may either disclose the reasons behind their behavior or be prompted to reassess their actions and decisions.

9. Frequent Dishonesty

Lying is a destructive habit, often developed over time. If your partner starts frequently lying about their whereabouts or things they used to be open about, it raises concerns.

This behavior change suggests that something might be amiss, potentially indicating infidelity. To ascertain whether your partner is cheating, pay attention to their words.

Bring up the same topic later on, and if their account doesn’t align with what was previously shared, it’s a red flag. Stay vigilant and be discerning about the dynamics unfolding in your relationship.

10. Defensive About Phone Privacy

In a transparent and honest relationship, partners usually feel comfortable accessing each other’s phones.

However, if your partner reacts defensively or becomes irritable when you try to touch their phone, it could signify infidelity.

To find out if they are cheating, inquire about the abrupt change in behavior. Ask questions like, “You weren’t like this before.

What’s going on with the sudden protectiveness over your phone?” This can prompt a conversation about potential concerns or issues in the relationship.

11. Lack of Eye Contact

Feeling comfortable and connected in a relationship often involves open communication and expressions of affection.

Partners typically hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes during meaningful conversations, showing love and attraction.

If your partner’s behavior shifts, and they start avoiding eye contact or any form of affection, it might signal infidelity.

This sudden change warrants investigation, and you should inquire about the reasons behind this transformation.

12. Difficulty Expressing Love

A notable sign of potential infidelity is when your partner struggles to say the words “I love you.” If they dodge or change the subject when you express your love, it raises concerns.

Frequent avoidance of such expressions should be a red flag, prompting you to ask essential questions about the state of your relationship.

Understanding the reasons behind this reluctance can provide clarity and help address any underlying issues.

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Final Thought

No relationship is a bed of roses, it has its ups and downs. But one of the terrible things your partner could do to you is hurt you either emotionally, physically, or psychologically.

Remember that one of the worst things you could ever do is waste your time, energy, and resources on someone who would never do the same thing or lift a finger for you.

Hence, when you notice the above signs, you need to calmly do an underground check, to be certain if they are cheating on you.


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