Why Does My Boyfriend Wants Me To Sit On His Face?

You’re in a new relationship, and things are getting intimate in the bedroom, but your boyfriend wants you to sit on his face during intimacy.

At first, you might feel confused, shocked, or even uncomfortable with this request. Sitting on someone’s face is not something we normally talk about openly. However, it’s quite common for couples to engage in face-sitting.

If you’re unsure about trying this, don’t feel pressured. Make sure you and your partner discuss boundaries and consent.

But if you’re curious and want to explore face sitting, this guide will provide some insights into why your boyfriend is interested and tips to make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

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What is Face Sitting?

Why Does My Boyfriend Wants Me To Sit On His Face?

Face sitting is a position where one partner sits on or over the other’s face, and then performs oral actions.

Sitting is usually upright, squatting, or kneeling, with their genitals over their partner’s mouth.

The partner lying down then uses their mouth and tongue to provide oral stimulation and pleasure to the vulva, clitoris, or anus.

Face sitting allows oral stimulation during penetration if the sitting partner is on top in a 69 position.

Why Does My Boyfriend Wants Me To Sit On His Face?

Here are several reasons why your boyfriend wants you to sit on his face:

1. Access and View

The position allows maximum intimate access and a close-up view while performing orals.

Being up close can be visually arousing and allows your partner to really indulge in pleasuring you orally.

2. Dominance and Submission

For some couples, face sitting can have dominant (sitting) and submissive (lying down) elements. If your boyfriend wants you on top, it may appeal to him for you to take charge.

Equally, he may enjoy the feeling of submission and providing oral pleasure on demand.

3. Intensified Oral Sensations

Having your full body weight pressing down can create pleasurable intensity and oral pressure. Some partners enjoy being ‘smothered’ or engulfed during face-sitting.

4. Erotic Asphyxiation

Mild erotic asphyxiation or breath play can be an appealing part of face sitting for some.

The feeling of breathlessness or being smothered by their partner’s genitals can heighten arousal. However, safety and communication are paramount here.

5. Increased Intimacy

The very intimate nature of face-sitting can help some people feel closer and more connected.

Having you enthusiastically straddle his face may also make your boyfriend feel desired.

6. Pheromones and Scents

Natural aromas and pheromones released during intimacy can be an aphrodisiac. Face sitting allows your partner to really indulge in your natural smells, which can be highly arousing.

Obviously, you should only try face-sitting if you feel comfortable with the idea and enjoy the experience. Don’t do anything you are unsure about to please your boyfriend.

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Making Face Sitting Comfortable

If you want to explore face sitting, there are some tips to make it more comfortable and enjoyable:

  • Talk first – Discuss boundaries, consent, and safe words. Agree on signals to slow down or stop. Never surprise someone by suddenly sitting on their face.
  • Build arousal first – Plenty of foreplay will prepare you both and make face-sitting more pleasurable. Help get each other in the mood first.
  • Moisturize – Use a lubricant like saliva or lube to prevent friction irritation from direct skin contact and rubbing.
  • Go slow and gentle – Start by softly sitting or hovering over your boyfriend’s face and letting him gradually lick before applying your full weight.
  • Find your position – Squatting, kneeling forwards or backward, or lying back can work. Find an angle that feels most stimulating and comfortable.
  • Keep it wet – Reapply lubricant as needed so things stay slippery and smooth. Dry friction can be uncomfortable.
  • Communicate – Ask for feedback and give guidance on rhythm, pressure, and what feels good. Watch for non-verbal cues, too.
  • Breathe – Don’t cover both nose and mouth at the same time. Alternate sitting forwards and back to facilitate breathing.
  • Take turns – Switch positions so he can break his jaw by sitting on your face too.
  • Stay safe – Never face sit on someone who is intoxicated. Avoid placing too much weight on the delicate neck.
  • Aftercare – Cuddle, hydrate, and check in with each other after. Face sitting can be physically intense.

Trying New Positions

Once you feel comfortable with face sitting, you can experiment with some different positions and techniques:

  • The Classic – Facing his feet, knees on bed, leaning forward
  • Reverse – Facing his head, leaning back, holding onto the headboard
  • Side Saddle – Sitting sideways across your boyfriend’s face
  • Leaning Back – In reverse position, placing hands behind you on his thighs
  • Prone Position – Lying flat on top of him, legs open in 69 position
  • Squatting – Hovering just above his face in a low squatting position
  • Sitting Up – Boyfriend lays face up on the couch or chair while you sit on him
  • Face Fuck – Gently rocking your hips as if fucking his face
  • Try adding in dirty talk to make it more verbally arousing
  • Use your hands to caress his face, pull his hair or hold him close
  • Blindfolding him can heighten sensory arousal
  • Alternate between shallow and deep face f$$king motions

The key is to add variety, switch it up, and see what feels best for both of you. Change angles, pace, depth, and positioning.

Why You Might Enjoy Face-Sitting

While your boyfriend may have initiated the request to try face sitting, there are many reasons it can be exciting and pleasurable for you, too:

  • Feeling empowered and playfully dominant over your partner
  • Experiencing intense and direct oral stimulation
  • Thrilling sensations of sitting on your boyfriend’s face
  • Having him totally devoted to your oral pleasure
  • Reveling in his desire for this specific act
  • Watching tension build as he enjoys pleasuring you
  • Controlling the pace, pressure, and duration of oral
  • The novelty and kinkiness can be exhilarating
  • Helps you shed inhibitions to ask for what you want
  • Increased intimacy and connection from the experience
  • Doing something fun and playful together

The key is letting go, embracing the sensations, and really getting into the spirit of this intimate act. Face-sitting can be an adventure for you and your boyfriend when done with care and enthusiasm.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has given you some helpful insights into why your boyfriend wants you to sit on his face.

The main things are going slow, communicating desires, paying attention to comfort and safety, and having fun exploring together. Don’t do anything you aren’t ready for or genuinely willing to try.

Face-sitting certainly isn’t for everyone. But if you want to explore this intimate adventure with your man, we wish you lots of pleasure and discovery.

Just remember to check in with each other every step of the way, listen to your bodies, and stop if anything doesn’t feel right physically or emotionally.

Above all, intimacy should be about mutual fulfillment, respect, and enjoying each other. Wishing you lots more exciting times together!

For more tips on keeping your intimate life fresh and fun, explore the blog for more relationship articles.


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