Why Does My Boyfriend Like to Play With My Bum?

Your boyfriend likes to touch and play with your bum. At first, it seemed kind of kinky and fun, but now you wonder why he is so obsessed with my booty. Is this abnormal? Should I be concerned?

Curiosity about a partner’s preferences is a natural part of fostering a deeper connection.

This article addresses this question with empathy and understanding, recognizing that every individual’s desires are unique and may evolve.

While the topic may seem bold, it reflects a broader conversation about embracing open dialogue and mutual consent within relationships.

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Why Does My Boyfriend Like to Play With My Bum?

Why Does My Boyfriend Like to Finger My Ass

Here are six reasons why your boyfriend like to finger your ass during intercourse:

1. It’s Pretty Common

First things first – your boyfriend is not alone in his fascination. The anus is filled with sensitive nerve endings, so many people (of all genders and orientations) find anal play pleasurable.

In one survey, over 50% of heterosexual men reported engaging in anal fingering with their female partners.

So while your guy may be a little booty-obsessed, his interest in your back door is far from abnormal.

2. The Taboo Factor Is a Turn-On

There’s no doubt about it – the booty can be a taboo topic. We’re taught to be embarrassed about our butts and anal issues from a young age.

This ingrained cultural taboo can make anal play seem “naughty” or “forbidden.” For some people, pushing against sexual taboos is a thrill and a turn-on.

Fingering your ass may give your boyfriend a sense of being “dirty” or doing something he’s not supposed to do. That feeling of breaking the rules can be exciting.

3. He May Be Attracted to Your Butt’s Appearance

Let’s be real – booties are beautiful! Humans have evolved to be naturally attracted to rounded, fleshy rear ends. A nice butt signals fertility and youth.

Your boyfriend may admire and be attracted to the visual appeal of your behind. He likely loves your curves, and playing with your cheeks gets him going.

Don’t be ashamed of his attraction – your body is gorgeous and meant to be appreciated!

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4. Anxl Play Heightens Sensations

The anus and rectum are tightly packed with sensitive nerve endings. For some individuals, gentle fingering results in heightened physical sensations and arousal.

Your boyfriend may have discovered that you get more vocal, climax more easily, or experience more intense climaxes when he incorporates bum play.

The tighter opening and taboo nature of your booty simply amplifies everything.

5. He May Be Testing the Waters for The Main Event

Some anal-loving partners view foundling as a gateway to full-on intercourse. Your boyfriend may be assessing your openness to eventually having that copulation.

Start with a finger, work up to two, and so on. Pay attention to your comfort level and have an open conversation before moving to anything larger than a finger. Only engage in activities you genuinely want to try.

6. He Likes the Intimacy

Bum play requires trust, communication, and deep intimacy between partners. You’re allowing your boyfriend into a very private, vulnerable body part.

This act bonds and connects couples on an entirely different level. The intimacy may be partly what he craves from anal fingering. The hand-to-bum connection keeps you close.

Tips for Handling Your Booty-Loving Boyfriend

While your boyfriend’s butt fascination is normal, that doesn’t mean you have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with sexually.

Here are some tips for navigating his backdoor obsession:

  • Have an open, honest talk about your feelings on anal play. Discuss boundaries and limitations.
  • Go slowly and use plenty of lube to avoid discomfort or pain.
  • Try inserting a buttplug before anal fingering to relax the muscles.
  • Consider pros vs cons – is this enhancing intimacy or going too far outside your limits?
  • Don’t continue anything that doesn’t feel physically and emotionally good for you.
  • Offer alternatives like him massaging the outside of your cheeks if you don’t enjoy penetration.
  • Keep practicing clear consent and checking in on each other’s comfort levels.
  • Consider wearing a butt plug during vaginal intercourse for unique dual sensations.
  • Incorporate anal fingering into role-playing, massage or other creative intimacy-building.

While your boyfriend may be a booty fanatic, the most important thing is that you both enjoy intimate experiences together.

Have fun exploring while respecting each other’s boundaries. That’s the key to a lifetime of mind-blowing s3x!

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Final Thoughts

Sexuality encompasses so many flavors of fun. Bum play falls well within the ” normal range,” but it’s certainly not for everyone.

As you navigate your boyfriend’s backdoor interests, stay open-minded to new possibilities for intimacy and pleasure.

However, don’t ignore your instincts and limits. Healthy copulation involves honest communication, trust, consent, and mutual fulfillment.

Only do what feels genuinely good – emotionally and physically. If his butt fixation still concerns you, dig deeper into his motivations through open discussion. However, stand firm in expressing your concerns if you don’t like it.

Ultimately, you can embrace your adventurous side and indulge in anal play to enhance intimacy. Just ensure you enjoy the experiences as much as your booty-loving boyfriend!


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