Why Does My Boyfriend Want to Sleep With Other Women?

Your boyfriend is kind, caring, and thoughtful – basically, everything you’ve wanted in a partner, but he wants to sleep with other women.

This bombshell can be shocking when you are in a great relationship. It can be frustrating to accept that he wants to open up the relationship so he can sleep with other women.

Understandably, you might be hurt and wonder where it coming from. Don’t worry!

There is always a reason for everything, and we will explore the motives behind why your boyfriend wants to sleep with other women.

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Why Does My Boyfriend Want to Sleep With Other Women?

Why Does My Boyfriend Want to Sleep With Other Women

Here are ten reasons why your boyfriend would want to sleep with other women:

1. He May Have a High Sex Drive

Some people have a higher libido than others. If your boyfriend has a strong sex drive, he may feel limited and unsatisfied with only being intimate with you.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or find you desirable – he craves more sexual variety and release than monogamy provides him.

While frustrating, try not to take it personally. His desire doesn’t reflect on you, but simply a mismatch between your natural sex drives.

2. He May Be Tempted By Novelty

Even men who are generally monogamous can feel tempted by sexual novelty. When you’re with the same partner for a long time, there’s a natural tendency for the excitement to taper off. The relationship becomes cozy and predictable.

This sets up a yearning for fresh conquests and new bodies for some men. It may not be about the sex itself but the ego rush of seducing a new partner. These men enjoy the thrill of the chase.

3. He May Want to Act Out Fantasies

The longer you’re with someone, the better you know each other’s sexual likes and dislikes. After a time, you likely fall into a reliable routine of the same go-to activities in bed.

But your boyfriend may have wild fantasies or kinks he’s been afraid to share with you. He may think that acting them out with other women is an easier path than revealing these desires to you.

Have an open and honest conversation about any fantasies or varieties he craves. You may be open to exploring them together.

4. He May Be Bored

Simple boredom in the relationship can also spark a desire for new partners. After the passionate early days wear off, couples often settle into a comfortable but mundane routine.

Lazy weekends and Netflix binges replace nights out on the town. Intimate talks turn into conversations about household logistics and chores. The relationship starts to feel stale.

Your boyfriend may think new partners will provide a sense of excitement that’s been lacking.

Consider planning periodic romantic weekends away, trying new hobbies as a couple, or making time for regular date nights to reconnect.

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5. He May Have FOMO

FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out.” This generation of men has more exposure than ever to potential partners through dating apps and social media.

It’s possible for your boyfriend to constantly see what else is out there with a simple swipe.

This can foster a nagging feeling that he’s missing out on possibilities, adventures, and pleasures. He may worry about regretting it later if he doesn’t indulge.

Try to be patient and understand this mindset. But also make clear that losing you would be the biggest regret.

6. He May Want Validation

For some men, the desire to stray is less about sex and more about wanting validation. These men have a high need for ongoing desire and praise from the opposite sex.

Knowing they can successfully attract new women feeds their self-esteem and ego. But this is a bottomless pit – no validation ever feels like enough.

If this seems to describe your partner, it may be rooted in deeper insecurities you should try to address together.

7. He May Have Commitment Issues

Players gonna play – some men fear true intimacy. They pursue new women for the excitement of the chase and the thrill of the unknown.

But when things get comfortable, they begin to itch for an out. It’s a self-sabotaging cycle – they crave a partner to settle down with but also feel trapped by relationships.

If your boyfriend fits this profile, it will likely take patience, communication, and counseling to break the pattern.

8. He May Be Polyamorous

For some people, monogamy isn’t a natural fit. Your boyfriend may be wired for ethical non-monogamy – wanting intimate relationships with multiple partners.

Polyamory is a valid relationship style, but it only works when enthusiastically embraced by everyone involved.

If you’re staunchly monogamous, this fundamental value incompatibility must be addressed.

9. There May Be Problems In Your Relationship

While it seems easier to blame your boyfriend’s desires, there could also be issues within your own relationship, leading him to look elsewhere.

Take time to reflect on whether you’ve stopped making an effort for each other, if the passion has faded, or if there are unresolved conflicts or resentments.

A relationship counselor can help you have productive conversations about what needs to change.

With mutual understanding and compromise, many couples move past infidelity or the desire for open arrangements. But both partners must be willing to put in the work.

10. He May Simply Be Immoral

The most painful possibility is that your boyfriend knows his urges could destroy the relationship but is prioritizing his own pleasure over your feelings and well-being.

Some men are narcissistic, entitled, or so lacking in empathy that they rationalize cheating rather than valuing their partner’s dignity.

You deserve a committed partner who prioritizes your feelings, not someone who puts his desires first while dismissing your pain.

If this is the case, it may be healthiest to let the relationship go and find someone who truly values you.

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Final Thoughts

Navigating your boyfriend’s desire to open up your relationship or sleep with other women is messy and confusing.

But by better understanding his motivations, you can have productive conversations about how to move forward.

In some cases, compromises may be possible if you’re both willing to communicate openly and put in effort.

But, if he continues to pressure you selfishly, it may be a red flag that this relationship does not truly meet your needs.

You have the right to be with someone who respects your boundaries. And you should never feel pressured into non-monogamy if it makes you uncomfortable.

Listen to your intuition about what’s best – whether that means setting firmer boundaries, seeking counseling, or walking away.

There are always more healthy, fulfilling relationships out there waiting. And you deserve to feel valued, respected, and secure. So take time to choose what’s right for you, not just your boyfriend.

Explore the blog for articles with relationship advice and insights to inform your next steps. You have the power to advocate for your own needs.


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