Why Does My Boyfriend Resort to Grand Gestures After We Argue?

If anytime you argue with your boyfriend and the next thing he resort to some grand gestures, there is definitely a reason behind this.

Arguments and disagreements are common in relationships, and sometimes, they can be followed by grand gestures from your boyfriend as a way to reconcile or make amends.

These extravagant displays of affection or efforts might leave you wondering about the underlying reasons behind his behavior.

In this article, we will explore the potential motivations behind why your boyfriend resorts to grand gestures after arguing with you.

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Why Does My Boyfriend Resort to Grand Gestures After We Argue?

Why Does My Boyfriend Resort to Grand Gestures After We Argue?

Here are 12 potential reasons why your boyfriend goes for some grand gestures after an argument:

1. Emotional Intensity and Passion

Some individuals have a natural inclination towards expressing their emotions in grandiose ways.

For your boyfriend, grand gestures may reflect his intense emotions and passion for you. After an argument, he might feel compelled to demonstrate the depth of his love and commitment through extravagant actions.

2. Desire to Make Amends

After an argument, your boyfriend may genuinely want to make amends and restore harmony in the relationship.

Grand gestures could be his way of demonstrating remorse and expressing his eagerness to rebuild the connection.

By going above and beyond, he hopes to bridge the emotional gap created by the disagreement.

3. Need for Reassurance

Arguments can leave individuals feeling vulnerable and uncertain about the state of the relationship.

Your boyfriend might engage in grand gestures to seek reassurance from you. He hopes to receive validation and confirmation of your love and commitment by putting in considerable effort and making lavish gestures.

4. Regret and Remorse

Your boyfriend may experience deep regret and remorse for his words or actions following an argument.

Grand gestures could be his way of apologizing and showing his remorse. By going to great lengths to make you happy or feel appreciated, he aims to demonstrate that he acknowledges his mistakes and is willing to do whatever it takes to make things right.

5. Need for Control and Dominance

Occasionally, grand gestures after an argument may stem from a need for control or dominance.

Your boyfriend might feel the desire to regain a sense of power or assert his dominance by orchestrating extravagant acts.

This behavior can allow him to assert his authority in the relationship and regain control over the situation.

6. Fear of Losing You

Arguments can trigger fear and insecurity about the stability of the relationship. A deep-seated fear of losing you may drive your boyfriend’s grand gestures.

By overwhelming you with impressive displays, he hopes to solidify your commitment and reassure himself that you won’t leave due to the disagreement.

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7. Expression of Love Languages

People have different ways of expressing and receiving love. For your boyfriend, grand gestures might align with his primary love language.

After an argument, he may feel compelled to demonstrate his love and affection through extravagant acts of gift-giving, quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, or physical touch.

8. Social Influence and Expectations

Society often glorifies grand romantic gestures as proof of love and devotion. Societal expectations and norms surrounding relationships might influence your boyfriend.

He may need to meet these expectations by engaging in over-the-top acts, especially after an argument, to showcase his commitment publicly.

9. Need for Validation and Attention

Grand gestures after arguments may stem from a deep-seated need for validation and attention.

Your boyfriend might crave affirmation from you and others, and by engaging in extravagant acts, he seeks validation of his worthiness as a partner.

These gestures can serve as a way for him to receive admiration and attention, boosting his self-esteem.

10. Insecurity and Self-Doubt

Underlying insecurity and self-doubt can drive your boyfriend to resort to grand gestures after arguments.

He may fear that the disagreement has damaged the relationship or that you might question his love and commitment.

By going above and beyond, he attempts to prove his devotion and dispel any doubts you may have about his feelings for you.

11. Difficulty Expressing Emotions Verbally

For some individuals, expressing emotions verbally can be challenging. Your boyfriend may struggle to articulate his feelings and thoughts during or after an argument.

Engaging in grand gestures allows him to communicate his love and remorse non-verbally, allowing him to express himself more comfortably and authentically.

12. Romanticized Notions of Relationships

Society often romanticizes grand gestures as symbols of true love and passion.

Your boyfriend may have internalized these romanticized notions and believes that dramatic displays of affection are necessary to demonstrate the depth of his love.

He may see these gestures as a way to create a storybook romance and live up to societal ideals.

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Final Thoughts

The reasons behind your boyfriend’s tendency to engage in grand gestures after arguments can be diverse and complex.

It is crucial to have open and honest communication with your partner to understand his motivations and ensure that the gestures are not used to manipulate or control the relationship.

By exploring these underlying factors, you can navigate this dynamic with empathy and establish a healthy balance between expressing love and resolving conflicts.


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