How to Fall Back in Love Like a Pro [12 Steps]

How to Fall Back in Love

Having a relationship is lovely. Sometimes it seems like everything is going smoothly, but eventually, life gets in the way, people change and grow, and the unexpected happens. At that point, you might need to learn how to fall back in love with your partner. I can tell you long-term partnerships demand work after 10+ … Read more

How to Rekindle a Broken Marriage

How to Rekindle a Broken Marriage

Marriages face a myriad of problems that can lead to their fatal end. After suffering a catastrophic end, how can one rekindle a broken marriage if one realizes they still love their partner? When we’re in a bad marriage, we can occasionally feel hopeless. You ponder whether it’s ever feasible to rekindle the positive bond … Read more

12 Tips for Husband/Wife Romance Relationship

Husband and Wife Romance Relationship

Romance is an essential part of a husband and wife relationship. Keeping the love alive will preserve your marriage. It’s crucial to keep your marriage in mind as you devote time to nurturing and caring for your infant. If neither party makes any effort to maintain the relationship, your relationship with your husband or wife … Read more

How to Get Your Wife to Want You Again: 5 Greatest Tips

How to Get Your Wife to Want You Again

As a long-time love and relationship coach, I can undoubtedly say that you have many strategies and methods if you’re wondering, “How to persuade my wife to want me.” I’ll explain these strategies and how to use them to rekindle her desire in today’s article. At Happily Committed, we think using some of this advice … Read more