How Relationships Start: The 4 Phases of a Relationship

Romantic relationships can be a lot of fun and confusing. It can be hard to start one, and it takes a lot of patience to get to know someone. The good news is that you can have a successful relationship if you do it well.

The typical start of a relationship can be characterized by a rush of excitement and a steady flow of chemistry.

However, separating the initial infatuation from the more significant parts of the relationship is essential. The article discusses how a relationship starts.

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The 4 Phases of a Relationship

A couple’s relationship usually goes through several relationship phases. At each stage, there is a decision that either the couple must make or end the relationship.

The way a relationship goes through each phase can vary significantly. For some people, the experience of each stage is an opportunity to grow and develop themselves.

Unfortunately, for others, the relationship doesn’t provide them with enough time to evaluate their worth. These are the different relationship phases;

1. Initial Meeting/Attraction

The initial meeting for a relationship can be anywhere. It can be done over the internet, in a church, at a party, or in various other places.

Different settings allow for different ways to get to know each other. If there is enough interest, a second or third meeting may be arranged.

2. Curiosity and Interest

Early attraction usually involves the partner’s physical characteristics, such as personality traits, body type, and interests.

At this stage, the couple is putting their best foot forward, and differences are not noticed. They might also be dismissed with the belief that they will just change.

At this stage, couples are usually not in conflict. They are both trying their best to impress the other person, and often there is not enough “is this the right person for me?”.

3. Enlightenment

The hormones start to calm down, and reality begins to set in. Couples are more likely to go deep into their relationship during this phase.

They also start taking away some of their “best faces.” This allows them to be more relaxed and natural.

The partner’s weaknesses and flaws will start to surface during this phase. Some emerging issues include the couple’s free-spending habits and desire to spend more time together.

4. Commitment

During this relationship phase, couples should start to have a good understanding of each other’s goals and values. They should also start to build a relationship with their friends and family.

Open and honest conversations about the couple’s future and present are also needed as they work on their goals and priorities.

Couples should also discuss their finances, careers, children, and lifestyle. Differences are normal, and they can learn how to handle them as they reflect on their relationship.

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How to Start a Relationship

One of the best ways to start a relationship is by spending time with someone you are interested in. This can be done by going out on dates or meeting for lunch.

Having the opportunity to connect with the other person regularly will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of each other.

Factors to Consider Before You Start a Relationship

One of the most important factors people should consider when establishing a relationship is avoiding overdoing it.

Doing so can damage the relationship. Giving the other person space is a great way to show them that you are not needy.

Another essential factor people should consider when establishing a relationship is learning about the other person. This will allow them to develop a deeper understanding of their partner.

When starting a new relationship, you must create trust. This can be done by being consistent and showing up whenever the other person needs you.

You should also be honest with the other person, as they may ask you to share certain things that are not comfortable.

One of the most important factors people should consider when establishing a relationship is expressing their interest in a long-term relationship.

Even though you see each other frequently, the other person might not be ready to commit to a relationship unless you tell them.

Before you start a relationship, both parties must agree on the rules that will be followed in the relationship.

This is because the rules for every couple or person vary. A clear understanding of the rules will allow you to make the necessary decisions in the relationship.

Both parties must be willing to compromise to make the relationship work. This means they will have to do things they don’t like.

One of the most important factors that people should consider when establishing a relationship is listing the qualities they find attractive.

Doing so will allow you to determine what you want from a partner and a relationship.

One of the easiest ways to meet people with similar interests is by going out and doing something you enjoy. This will allow you to attract people interested in the same activities.

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Final Thought

Building successful relationships is not easy; it takes patience, trust, and willingness to see it thrive.

Too often, people end relationships when they face challenges, throwing months or years of good memories out the window.

The important tool that keeps any relationship is the commitment and resilience of the parties involved.

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