29 Fun Texting Games to Play With Your Partner

Although video calls and virtual dates are popular nowadays, messaging might seem a bit old-fashioned. But here’s the thing – several texting games to play as couples can add excitement to your love life. 

Whether you’re dealing with a long-distance relationship or stuck in a boring meeting, engaging in fun games, like personal trivia or confession games, can make your day more interesting.

These texting games work like magic, especially for couples who’ve just started dating. They improve communication, increase intimacy, and provide a good laugh.

You can learn about your partner’s thoughts and have fun without being in the same place. These games are perfect for breaking the monotony and enjoying your time.

If you’re searching for texting games to play with your crush or long-distance partner, we’ve got your back. 

Some are great for couples, while others help you get to know someone better. Regardless of the game, they’re sure to make you laugh. 

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Fun Texting Games to Play With Your Partner 

29 Fun Texting Games to Play With Your Partner

Ever notice how it’s easier to share secrets or fantasies through texts than face-to-face?

That’s why texting games for couples to play can be a game-changer, keeping the spark alive and strengthening emotional connections.

These games let you ask personal questions or spice things up with a round of text strip poker. 

No more delayed responses – just moments of joy and intimacy. We’ve gathered 30 fun texting games for you. Ready for some fun?

1. Truth or Dare

This classic game brings endless fun and a bit of seriousness. Give dares and ask for pics or videos for evidence. 

Keep it flirty and friendly, avoiding overly personal or offensive questions. Skip if your guy isn’t adventurous.

2. Picture Stories

One of the easiest texting games to play is to share long-forgotten pictures from your gallery. Share memories and spark deep conversations.

3. Rapid Fire

Keep each other hooked with a rapid-fire round. Send a random word, and get a quick response in 5 seconds. Engage in sexy words for a playful twist.

4. The Spelling Bee

Play this classic game where you intentionally mess up spellings. Get creative with different ways to spell letters and words.

5. Atlas

Remember the game Atlas? It’s now a 2-person texting game. One person names a country, and the next country starts with the last letter of the previous one. 

Play with your partner and turn it into a list of dream destinations or a travel bucket list for the next five years.

6. Never Have I Ever

Turn the popular drinking game into a texting game. Share things you’ve never done, and your partner takes a sip (real or GIF). Discover each other’s quirks and kinks with this engaging game.

7. Kiss, Marry, Kill

A flirty game played on talk shows. Give three names, and your partner decides whom to kiss, marry, or kill. It’s a fun way to know their feelings about friends or even you.

Keep it light and fun, avoiding real-life people to prevent issues.

8. Partnership Quiz

Want to know how well you know your partner? Each of you asks 20 trivia questions about yourselves. 

Add some serious relationship questions. It’s a great way to gain a fresh perspective on your relationship and discover new things about each other.

8. The Riddler

You don’t need to be a Batman fan for this one. Find interesting riddles for your partner to solve. 

Create your riddles by describing an object’s characteristics without revealing its name. 

For example, “It flies high in the sky and never rests, it can take any shape it deems the best,” with the answer being ‘clouds.’

9. Who Is It?

A guessing game where you describe traits of a person, and your partner guesses who it is. 

Set rules like the number of hints each player gets. Play with friends in a WhatsApp group for extra fun.

10. Would You Rather?

Put your partner in a dilemma by asking them to choose between two difficult options. Make it flirty with questions about romantic interests, fetishes, and fantasies. 

It’s an intimate way to start a text conversation and learn more about your partner.

11. Let’s Strip

Turn flirty conversations into a texting game. Ask each other 20 random questions in a selected category. 

A wrong answer means taking off a piece of clothing, leading to some fun and maybe even phone sex.

Your partner must send pictures as proof they took their clothes off. How Fun!

12. Fandom

Play a quiz round from your favorite fandoms, like Friends, Harry Potter, or Marvel. 

Test each other’s knowledge with questions like, “What is the name of Harry Potter’s owl?” The winner gets ice cream or whatever suits a reward.

13. The Name Game

If you’re bored in your relationship and need some excitement, try this game. Exchange random things or place names with your partner. 

The last letter of the first word is the starting letter for the next word. It’s simple and fun for dull, tiring days.

14. Story-Writing

A creative game for couples. Write random sentences one after the other and try to create a story. It’s a unique way to explore a different side of your partner.

15. Let’s Sing

A game for music lovers. Text song lyrics to your partner, and they send you a voice note singing those lines. 

Get creative with your lyrics or give them a tongue twister. It’s a fun way to bring out the “bathroom singer” in your partner.

16. Unpopular Opinions

Share unique and unconventional opinions in the chat. It’s a chance to express your thoughts and see if your partner agrees. Improve communication and check compatibility in the process.

17. Questions and Questions

Answer one question with another to create an amusing conversation. For example:

Partner 1: “What are you doing?”

Partner 2: “What do you think I’m doing?”

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18. Rap God

Tap into your inner rapper and poet. Start with a word or statement, and your partner has to come up with a rhyming word or sentence. 

Continue until you’ve created a rap. Keep sentences short for more fun.

19. The Abbreviation Game

Explore new texting games to play with your partner by using abbreviations.  Send acronyms formed from the initial letters of words and challenge him to decrypt the message.

Give each other acronyms to decode, like TL, DR, or NBD. Creating creative answers for self-made abbreviations builds your love language and inside jokes.

It’s a fun and somewhat challenging game, especially if you use unexpected abbreviations.

20. Fantasy Team

Escape from real-life responsibilities with this game. Create a scenario like a zombie apocalypse and build a team of celebrities, superheroes, or fictional creatures. 

The one with the strongest team wins.

21. Word Scramble

A game for word-loving couples. Send a word with many letters, and your partner breaks it down to form as many words as they can in one minute. Keep score, and the one with more words wins.

22. Guess the Song

Hum a song on a voice note, and your partner guesses it without hearing the lyrics. No cheating allowed! Experiment with mellow and amorous songs for a romantic touch.

23. What Movie/Series?

Test each other’s knowledge of favorite movies or series by mentioning catchphrases or dialogues. For example, say “My precious” and see if they know it’s from The Lord of the Rings.

24. Category Fan

Simple and fun. One player picks a category, and the other names as many things as they can in that category. Whoever lists the most items wins.

25. Take a Trip

Complete the sentence, “I am going to _______ and I’m taking ______.” Fill in the blanks with humorous words, starting with each letter of the alphabet.

26. What’s My Location?

Think of different locations and provide hints to your partner. They have to guess which location you’re talking about. It’s challenging but rewarding.

27. Gun to Your Head

Ask silly and baffling scenarios like, “Gun to your head, which politician would you like to punch?” 

The rule is to answer the question, making it as scandalous or raunchy as you’re comfortable with.

28. Tell the Truth

Play this fun texting game with your partner. Make it as flirty or tricky as you like. Decide on a punishment, like sending 5 bucks on Venmo or a silly dare, for the one who refuses to answer. 

Ask personal questions such as “Have you ever slept with someone on a first date?” or “Who was your celebrity crush as a child?” 

It’s entertaining, and you must answer or face the consequences. It’s a win-win for improving texting skills and having fun.

29. Reversed Writing

Play a fun texting game by writing sentences or questions in reverse and responding in the same way. It’s a cool game for social media apps, creating a secret code-like conversation.


   Original: Do you want to hang out?

   Reversed: Od uoy tnaw ot gnah tuo?

   Response: Erus llodybab

As you get better, make it tougher for more fun!

20. 20 Questions

Test memory and intelligence. One person thinks of something, and the other guesses by asking up to 20 yes/no questions. It’s a fun and smart game.

21. Build A Story

Start a made-up story by each typing a sentence alternately. Build a story together through messaging and see how creative and romantic he can be.

22. Meme Game

Have a blast with this text game that sharpens your meme skills. Compete to find the funniest memes based on an outrageous title or theme. 

Whether it’s school, shopping, or life memes, have a good laugh together.

23. Guess The Lyrics

If you both love music, this is perfect! Quote song lyrics in a text, and your boyfriend or friend guesses the song, album, musician, etc. 

Take turns choosing songs and guessing. It’s a fun way to share music tastes.

24. What If?

Present hypothetical scenarios and ask the other person what they would do. There are no right or wrong answers, just a fun way to see how they respond and get to know them better.

25. Emoji Charades

Use emojis to tell a story, and the other person decodes it. It can be innocent or naughty, making it an exciting texting game for couples. It adds a playful twist to your conversations.

26. Rhymes

Play a cute texting game by starting with a word or phrase. The other person responds with something that rhymes, preferably something funny. 

Keep going back and forth, trying to rhyme, until one person can’t come up with a response anymore.

27. Breakdown

Beat boredom and stress with this game. Each player picks a word, breaks it apart, and rearranges the letters to create as many new words as possible. 

Set a time frame to see who can generate more words. It’s a fun and creative way to pass the time.

28. Fill In The Blanks

If you’re comfortable with your partner, try this fun game. Start with a question about yourself but leave a crucial word blank. 

Ask your partner to fill in the blank. For example, “I really love it when you…” or “I feel super sexy after…” It’s bound to be entertaining!

29. Where Am I?

Engage in a guessing game with your bae or buddy. Take turns describing the surroundings of a specific place, and the other person has to guess where it is.

You don’t have to be physically present at the location, but your descriptions must be accurate. 

Choose a place meaningful to both of you and provide hints without being too obvious. It adds an element of mystery and fun to your texting conversations.

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Final Thoughts 

Texting games are fun ways for couples and friends to interact, connect, share laughs, and deepen bonds whether you’re in the same room or miles apart. 

These games not only provide a welcome break from routine conversations but also serve as a delightful means of getting to know each other better. 

So, whether you’re sparking romance or fostering camaraderie, these texting games are a fantastic way to infuse joy into your digital interactions and create lasting memories. 

So, charge up your phone, and let the games begin!

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