22 Best Apps to Video Chat With Strangers 

Thanks to the internet and digitalization, connecting with new people and engaging in conversations with strangers has become incredibly convenient with video chat apps suitable for anyone.

Numerous talk-with-strangers apps and platforms make it easy to interact with strangers worldwide with just a few clicks.

We will outline the best free apps, and their top features but before we go into that, it is important to highlight that with the abundance of such platforms, ensuring data security and privacy protection is crucial when choosing an app. 

With your safety and requirements in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best random free video chat apps with strangers compatible with both Android and iOS. 

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22 Best Video Chat Apps That Let You Talk To Strangers

Below outlined are the top 22 best apps to video chat with strangers online.

1. Omegle

Omegle stands out as one of the best talk-with-strangers apps, facilitating connections with new people and friends worldwide. 

Utilized by millions, Omegle offers features like interest-based filters, allowing users to tailor connections according to their preferences. 

Additionally, users can apply filters to connect with people within their country, making it an ideal app for making friends or engaging with diverse individuals.

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Top Features

  •  Connect with people globally
  •   Apply filters for specific connections
  •   Interact with people within or outside your country

2. MeetMe

MeetMe, available on both Android and iOS, swiftly connects users with people worldwide. 

Boasting a large user base, it stands as one of the best talk-with-strangers apps on the internet. 

Users can create profiles with their interests, allowing MeetMe to connect them with like-minded individuals effortlessly. Adding a bio to your profile enhances understanding among users.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Top Features

  •     Ideal for Android and iOS
  •     Global interaction with users
  •     150 million monthly active users
  •     Create a profile for personalized connections

3. Moco

Moco offers a unique and diverse experience, incorporating various options and features. 

Users can add pictures and videos to their profiles, enhancing their interactive experience. 

A notable feature is the ability to connect with nearby users based on location. 

Moco presents two registration options: linking a Facebook profile or creating an account using an email address.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Top Features

  •     Diverse talk-with-strangers app
  •     Profile customization with media
  •     Connect with nearby users
  •     Option to link Facebook account

4. Anonymous Chat

Anonymous Chat stands out as a simple and user-friendly talk-with-strangers app. 

With its uncomplicated interface, users can easily navigate and filter connections based on age, location, and preferences.

Utilizing these filters, users can connect with individuals of their choice. The search feature enables users to find like-minded individuals according to their interests and preferences

The location feature facilitates connections with nearby users.

Platform:  Android

Price: Free

Top Features

  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Filters for age, location, and preferences
  • Connection with nearby users

5. Whisper

Whisper offers an intriguing app experience, connecting users with strangers worldwide. 

Featuring a unique filter to eliminate unnecessary content during connections, Whisper allows users to share text with strangers, who can then directly inbox them for a chat. 

This feature enhances connections with individuals who share similar interests and preferences. Users can share statements, questions, or secrets on this platform, which boasts millions of users globally.

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Top Features

  •     Global connection with millions of users
  •     Filters for specific connections
  •     Posting statements, questions, or secrets

6. Chatous

Chatous is a simple-to-use, free random chat app designed for those seeking rich and real connections with people. 

Users can exchange photographs and pictures to enhance their video interactions. It provides a platform to connect with individuals who can lend an ear, listen to your concerns, or offer meaningful advice. 

While it ranks among the best video chat apps with strangers, prioritize your security and avoid revealing private details.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Top Features

  •     Sharing text, images, and videos
  •     Connection with millions of users
  •     Chat with people of similar interests
  •     User-friendly interface
  •     Allows anonymous usage with pseudonyms and aliases

7. Connected2.me

Another impressive chat app, Connected2.me, facilitates conversations with strangers and the creation of new friendships effortlessly. 

Users can create accounts, specifying their interests and likes, allowing the app to find suitable matches. This app ensures user privacy by concealing identities during conversations.

It spans global connections, eliminating geographical limitations. With an appealing yet straightforward interface, it provides messaging and video call features.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Top Features

  •     Global conversations and new friendships
  •     Chat without revealing identity
  •     User-friendly interface
  •     Message and video call options
  •     Identity concealment

8. Telegram

Telegram, widely used for global connections, stands out by ensuring secure and private chats. 

Setting itself apart from other messaging apps, Telegram allows messages to disappear after a specified time frame. 

Noteworthy is its group creation feature, accommodating up to 200 people. The app’s encrypted end-to-end chat ensures privacy, making conversations secure.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Top Features

  •  Wide usage globally
  •  Secure and private messaging
  •  Message disappearance feature

9. Sweet Chat

Sweet Chat provides an excellent avenue to meet new people, fostering friendships and potential romantic connections. 

This talk-with-strangers app allows users to engage in various interactions, including multimedia file sharing (photos, videos, voice memos), calls, and more. 

To initiate a chat, both users must consent, ensuring a safe platform where no one can intrude without permission.

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Top Features

  •  Make new friends
  •  Send real gifts, including cash prizes
  •  Share multimedia files

10. RandoChat

RandoChat, with features reminiscent of Chat Roulette, connects users randomly with a diverse range of individuals worldwide. 

Users can initiate chats with a simple button press, sharing multimedia files such as images and videos. 

The app ensures user privacy by not requiring any personal information for registration.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Top Features

  •  Automatic deletion of seen content
  •  Exchange multimedia files
  •  Video call capability
  •  No need for personal information

11. Badoo

Badoo is a popular video chat with strangers app boasting over 500 million users from more than 200 countries. 

It is primarily a modern social media network facilitating communication through video and picture messaging. 

The user-friendly UI and easily navigable options make it a delightful experience. 

Perfect for those seeking a random video chat app with strangers worldwide, Badoo connects you with interesting people globally.

Platform:  Android and iOS

Cost: Free

Top Features

  •    Live video streaming and quick messaging for effective communication
  •    Free-to-use feature catering to different age groups
  •    Sort and group channels for quick access to suitable chat groups
  •    Survey function to connect with like-minded individuals and break the ice

12. Just Talk

Just Talk is a free random video chat app suitable for those who enjoy group meetings. With seamless connectivity on Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G, it offers reliable usage. 

The night vision feature enhances visibility in various lighting conditions, making it an excellent choice for late-night interactions. 

Whether you’re hiding in your room at 2 AM or elsewhere, Just Talk is the go-to video chat app with strangers, allowing you to kindle the light of romance without disturbing your surroundings.Platform: Android and iOS

Cost:  Free

Top Features

  •    Up to 50 people can connect in HD definition video with matching audio
  •    Beyond conversations, users can share drawings, photographs, and videos
  •    Offers a variety of common games for online gaming enthusiasts

13. Holla 

Holla stands out as one of the most innovative video-based social applications in 2022, offering a user-friendly experience on both Android and iOS. 

The app’s simplicity allows users to swipe left or right to initiate contact and engage in video and voice chats with individuals worldwide. 

With Holla, there’s no need to wait for an ideal match – simply say hello, chat, and possibly plan a meetup.

The app introduces a unique feature where users can swipe live cards to connect with people in their immediate vicinity, fostering online and offline interactions. 

Tailored as a youth-centered social application, Holla empowers users to make friends, explore relationships, or engage in casual conversations.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

Top Features

  •    User-friendly swiping mechanism for easy contact initiation
  •    Group separation based on proximity facilitates physical social interactions
  •    Clear identification of correct age groups through shared personal details

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14. Qeep 

Qeep, a seasoned player in the realm of video chat apps, has earned its spot as one of the best platforms for connecting with strangers on both Android and iOS. 

With no geographical restrictions, Qeep provides a fun avenue to interact with new people and engage in meaningful conversations.

Navigating through this random video chat app, users can easily find like-minded individuals, including nearby young people. 

Qeep also boasts a Photoblog feature where users can peruse through images shared by others and showcase their own. 

Additionally, the app enhances the experience with an extensive collection of both new and classic online games.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

Top Features

  •    Variety of games fostering interaction among users
  •    Intuitive matching algorithm for easy pairing based on preferences
  •    User-friendly and convenient interface

15. CamSurf 

Camsurf provides a simplified approach to random video chats, allowing users to connect with a diverse global community. 

The app ensures adherence to terms of agreement through its community reporting system, providing a secure space for anonymous conversations without mandatory check-ins.

Engaging with new and exciting individuals on Camsurf involves three straightforward steps – accepting rules, granting webcam access, and simply starting the conversation. 

The app’s simplicity and ease of use make it one of the best choices for online video chats with strangers. 

Additionally, users have the flexibility to filter connections based on location and language.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

Top Features

  •    Filter options for user-selected interactions
  •    User-friendly interface for seamless video chat experiences
  •    Three simple steps for newcomers to engage in live random chats with strangers

16. Twoo

Twoo invites you into a global conversation, making it seem like people worldwide are eager to engage with you. 

This free video chat app facilitates connections with a diverse range of individuals in one accessible space. 

Whether you’re seeking casual conversations, new friendships, dating, love, or anything in between, Twoo has you covered.

Positioned as the best video chat app with strangers online, Twoo enhances your experience by narrowing down connections to people in your vicinity. 

You can explore individual profiles, send direct messages, and keep track of profile visitors, all without incurring extra fees, making the interaction both engaging and entertaining.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

Top Features

  •   Efficiently confines interactions to like-minded individuals through location-based zones
  •   Free version includes profile visitor tracking and other valuable features
  •   Offers the option for both one-on-one and group chats

17. Hitwe 

With over 100 million registered users, Hitwe stands out as one of the best video chat apps with strangers for both Android and iOS. 

This platform transcends geographical boundaries, providing a dynamic space for making new friends through live video chat.

Hitwe ensures a quick and user-friendly experience while incorporating safety features to protect against scams. 

The app eliminates the waiting time for matches, allowing users to instantly initiate conversations with strangers online. 

Additionally, Hitwe offers a diverse range of features, including optimal gaming options and the ability to share images and GIFs.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Paid

Top Features

  •    Nearby search function for discovering people within your vicinity
  •    Simplified matchmaking with few constraints
  •    Offers a free trial period for users to explore the app’s potential

18. Azar 

Azar distinguishes itself as one of the best random video chat apps by fostering flexibility and cultural inclusivity. 

This unique app overcomes language barriers by providing real-time chat translations, opening up possibilities for diverse conversations across different cultures.

Users can select preferred user groups based on region and language, enabling a tailored experience. 

Azar supports the exchange of videos, photos, and stickers, creating a multifaceted platform for engaging with strangers online. 

Operating on Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks, Azar ensures versatility in communication.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

Top Features

  •    Allows selection of user groups by region and language
  •    Supports the exchange of videos, photos, and stickers
  •    Versatile communication across Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks

19. Bigo Live 

Bigo Live, a popular and successful free random chat app, offers a dynamic platform for live streaming, friend interaction, and video calls. 

Users can video chat with a diverse global audience, whether friends or strangers, and even participate in group video chats.

In addition to 1:1 live chats, Bigo Live introduces a multi-visitor zone, allowing users to engage in group video chats. 

The app caters to gaming enthusiasts, providing a live streaming platform for games like PUBG, League of Legends, Minecraft, and more.

 Platform: Android and iOS

 Cost: Free

Top Features

  •    User-friendly interface for enhanced usability
  •    Extensive options beyond video chat, including interactive gaming
  •    Region filtering to connect with desired individuals

20. MicoChat 

MicoChat stands out for its simplicity, offering one of the best video chat experiences for iOS users with live streaming capabilities. 

The app features group video chats, real-time translations, and feeds categorized by users’ country of origin.

Ideal for those seeking to expand their social circles and connect with people beyond their routine, MicoChat provides a platform to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds, enriching one’s perspective of the world.

Platform: iOS

Cost: Free

Top Features

  •  Multi-user support for easy video calling
  •  User-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  •   Connectivity with people from around the world

21. LIVU 

LIVU exemplifies casual calling with an addictive quality, offering video channels and stickers to structure engaging conversations. 

Recognizing faces enhances appearance, and the app connects individuals from across the globe in a random and irregular manner.

While encouraging free video calls with multiple people, LIVU captures chat history, providing a comprehensive database. 

This random video chat app balances fun and excitement, ensuring an entertaining experience for users.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

Top Features

  •    Free video calls with multiple participants
  •    Global connectivity with random matching
  •    User-friendly interface for enjoyable chatting and video calling experiences

22. Omega 

Omega provides a global platform for random video chats, allowing users to connect with strangers from different parts of the world. 

It offers a straightforward and efficient interface for initiating video conversations with a diverse user base. 

Omega focuses on simplicity and accessibility, making it suitable for users looking for quick and spontaneous interactions with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

Top Features

  • Global platform for random video chats
  • Straightforward and efficient interface
  • Emphasis on simplicity and accessibility for quick interactions

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Final Thoughts 

Using video call chat apps to talk with strangers can be an exhilarating experience, potentially leading to meaningful connections.

Whether you prioritize simplicity, global connections, or innovative features, there’s a video chat app to suit your preferences. 

Prioritizing safety and discretion is crucial, ensuring a balance between fun, new encounters, and responsible online interaction.

Also, remember to be discreet in your approach to video chatting with strangers to avoid situations like the Tinder Swindler.


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