Why Does My Dog Only Chew My Wife’s Things?

If you are a dog owner and this mind-bogging question ‘Why does my dog only chew my wife’s things?” pops into your mind, just be patient because we will tell you why in a minute.

You walk into the living room and notice shreds of fabric scattered across the floor.

Upon closer inspection, you realize your dog has chewed up yet another of your wife’s belongings.

This happens frequently, leaving you baffled about why your dog specifically targets your wife’s possessions.

Chewing is a typical behavior for dogs, but your dog’s selectivity likely has an underlying cause.

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Why Does My Dog Only Chew My Wife’s Things?

Why Does My Dog Only Chew My Wife's Things

Here are 10 possible reasons why your dog only chew your wife’s things and solutions to curb the unwanted behavior.

1. Your Scent is on Your Wife’s Belongings

Dogs use their powerful sense of smell to gather information about their surroundings.

When your wife’s possessions have your scent, your dog associates those things with you and chew them. Chewing these objects may comfort your dog while you’re away.


Keep your wife’s belongings isolated in areas your dog can’t access. Avoid touching your wife’s things so your scent doesn’t transfer.

2. Attention-Seeking Behavior

Chewing prompts a reaction from you and your wife, which may be precisely what your dog craves. By targeting your wife’s possessions, your dog knows he’ll get a response.


Ignore the behavior as much as possible and refrain from reacting emotionally. Ensure your dog gets plenty of playtime and affection so he doesn’t use destructive chewing for attention.

3. Separation Anxiety

Your dog may target your wife’s things because he associates her scent with comfort. When she’s away, chewing these familiar-smelling objects soothes your dog’s anxiety about separation.


Leave an unwashed article of your wife’s clothing for your dog when you’re away.

Use calming aids like pheromone diffusers and separation anxiety relieving treats. Start by leaving your dog alone for short periods to build confidence.

4. Change in Routine

Has your wife been away more often lately, like on a business trip? Changes in routine can stress dogs out.

With your wife suddenly gone for long stretches, your dog may chew her things as a self-soothing mechanism.


Stick to your dog’s feeding, walking, playtime, and bonding schedule as much as possible, even when your wife is away. Make sure he has plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

5. Puppy Teething

If your dog is still a puppy, his desire to chew everything in sight likely stems from teething discomfort.

The texture or scent of your wife’s possessions may appeal to him while he’s seeking relief.


Provide plenty of toys and use teething gels or frozen washcloths to soothe sore gums. Distract your puppy with appropriate chew toys when he goes for unsafe items.

6. Your Wife’s Reactions

Does your wife scold, chase, or interact with your dog when she finds her destroyed belongings? Your dog may interpret her strong reactions as rewarding playtime.


Advise your wife to ignore the dog when she sees shredded possessions ultimately. Avoid yelling or giving your dog any attention.

Ensure he has sufficient toys and enrichment activities to hold his interest when your wife can’t directly engage in play.

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7. A Preference for Your Wife’s Scent

Dogs have unique scent preferences. Yours may simply be drawn to the smell of your wife’s perfume, soap, lotion, or natural scent markers.

Something about her odor profile compels your dog to chew her items.


Determine if there are any particular smells your dog seems attracted to and remove those scents from vulnerable objects.

Use unscented detergents, and avoid applying perfumes or lotions on your wife’s belongings.

8. Your Wife’s Possessions are Convenient

Instead of signaling a preference for your wife, your dog may chew her belongings simply because they’re readily accessible.

Her shoes by the door, clothes in the hamper, or bag on the couch offer convenient targets.


Manage your home environment better by keeping tempting items out of reach. Use baby gates, closed doors, and storage containers to restrict access.

Teach your dog the “leave it” command to learn not to touch those objects.

9. Your Wife has the Better “Stuff”

Face it, your t-shirts and old sneakers probably appeal less than the cashmere sweater Aunt Anna gave your wife last Christmas. Your dog simply knows high-value coveted items when he sees them.


If your dog consistently targets specific tempting possessions (i.e., expensive clothing, designer bags), store those coveted items securely out of reach.

Rotate your dog’s toys frequently to pique his interest so he leaves prohibited items alone.

10. Your Wife Spends Less Time at Home

Who’s around the house more often – you or your wife? Dogs tend to behave worse when a family member they’re strongly bonded with leaves.

If your wife is away from home more, your dog acts out his frustration by chewing her possessions.


Try to split time at home with your dog evenly. Make sure he feels comfortable alone by providing enrichment toys like food puzzles.

Take him on regular walks and play sessions to meet his daily exercise needs. Consider doggie daycare on days when neither of you can be home for long stretches.

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Final Thoughts

Chewing behaviors mean different things to different dogs. Pinpointing the underlying cause can help you correct the unwanted behavior effectively.

While managing the environment and meeting your dog’s needs are part of the equation, consider speaking to your veterinarian or a certified dog trainer if the issue persists.

With some diligence, your wife’s belongings will be safe from your dog’s jaws. We hope this breakdown explains why a man’s best friend targets your better half’s belongings.

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