What Makes a Woman Attractive? 17 Signs You Are Attractive

Many women often have insecurities about their appearance, there is such a fuss on how attractive a woman looks compared to men.

Attraction, on the other hand, is a complex phenomenon with many factors that influence what makes someone physically appealing.

While beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, research has shown some certain universal traits and behaviors are commonly considered attractive across cultures.

In this article, we will explain 17 scientifically-backed signs that indicate you are an attractive woman.

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17 Signs You Are an Attractive Woman

What Makes a Woman Attractive? 17 Signs You Are Attractive

I would be so bold to say every woman is pretty, however, certain things or features make you stand out as being termed beautiful.

While physical features will also be considered as a trait of defining a beautiful woman, it is certainly not the only trait.

Here is a list of 17 signs to know you are beautiful. You only have to possess one or a couple of traits to qualify:

1. Symmetrical Features

Facial symmetry, where one side of the face matches the other as a mirror image, is correlated with attractiveness.

Symmetrical features signal health and good genes. This has been the stereotypical standard of measuring attractiveness in women.

Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Anna Hateway, and Zendaya have been judged using this method and termed as some of the most beautiful women in the world.

2. Hourglass Figure

Studies show men prefer a female waist-to-hip ratio of approximately 0.7, resembling an hourglass shape.

This signals fertility in some cultures. However, in today’s pop culture, hourglass is seen as being attractive due to the ‘Kim Kardashian’ body rave.

This craving has led to an increase in surgical procedures like Brazillian Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck, and Butt augmentation which have many disadvantages.

As much as having an hourglass shape is seen as being attractive it is not the only defining quality of being a beautiful woman.

3. Clear Skin

Blemish-free, glowing skin is a sign of good health and youthfulness, which enhances attractiveness. Proper hygiene and skin care can help maintain clear skin.

However, many natural skin blemishes are equally seen as attractive such as freckles and vitiligo.

If don’t have clear skin, having a healthy lifestyle can make your skin pop despite whatever zits you have.

Remember it’s not the only quality of a beautiful person.

4. Proportionate Features

Well-proportioned facial features like eyes, nose, lips, and chin are more appealing than disproportionate ones.

Genetics determine your base features, but makeup can subtly alter proportions. It’s all in the outlook of things, you don’t have to go under the knife to make your face proportional.

Sure, it’s nice to look at and different which makes people drawn to it but it’s just a quality, you have 16 more to claim.

5. Positive Body Language

Open, confident body language like good posture conveys inner positivity and draws people in.

No matter how physically attractive you are, having poor body language will dim your light.

You will always appear inferior and timid until you build a positive energy that makes you an attractive woman.

Practice standing tall with your shoulders back, look at people not down on your phone. Also, don’t slouch, sit well.

6. Smile

A genuine, friendly smile is welcoming and can light up a room. It signals you are approachable, receptive, and in a good mood.

Frowning gives negative energy and people would steer clear of you as opposed to smiling.

Smile often but naturally and see how many friends you make. You will also get compliments.

7. Good Listening Skills

Listening when others speak, without distraction, makes them feel heard and valued in conversation.

You will naturally become a confidant to lots of people. The more people get close to you more they see your good traits that make you shine as bright as the sun.

Maintain eye contact and ask follow-up questions.

8. Intelligence

Signs of general knowledge, quick wit, and ability to carry an interesting discussion are attractive qualities of the mind.

Contrary to many beliefs being smart is very attractive. However is a huge difference between being intelligent and belittling people with your knowledge.

If you are smart then you are an attractive woman.

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9. Kindness

Acts of kindness, empathy, and compassion towards others is a beautiful personality trait that is highly attractive.

Every Disney princess was built on this premise. They were kind and generous which makes them super beautiful.

Look for easy ways to help people each day.

10. Humor

The ability to laugh easily at yourself and lighten serious situations with jokes creates levity and draws people in. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

People are drawn to those with good humor. Ever wondered why comedians get the hottest girls? It’s the same for women. People would find you attractive if you have a good sense of humor.

It’s also a clever way to flirt and attract men.

11. Confidence

Quiet self-assurance in your abilities and worth, without arrogance, signals inner strength that is very appealing.

Say what you will, being confident is sexy. Appreciate your qualities without insecurity and you will attract people to you like moth to a flame.

12. Optimism

An upbeat, glass-half-full outlook on life is contagious and attractive. Focus on opportunities rather than problems when facing difficulties.

Positivity is a very admirable trait. People love people with positive vibes.

13. Ambition

Having dreams, passions, and drive to achieve goals shows an exciting personality that people want to support.

Work hard on your long-term plans each day because they aren’t boring. Being accomplished in whatever you do is very attractive.

14. Stylish Clothing

Ever seen those makeover movies? It’s just people changing clothes that make the school see them as the hottest girl.

Everyone is beautiful but wearing ill-fitting clothes with very poor quality can make you look, well a bit inferior.

Well-fitting, flattering clothes that suit your style make a polished first impression. Choose quality wardrobe essentials to accentuate your best assets.

15. Fresh Breath

Simple freshness speaks volumes through scents like minty mouthwash. Having good teeth is one of the things that elevate your look.

Imagine smiling with bad teeth. Cardi B had to fix her teeth which she swore elevated her look.

A visit to the dentist can fix your teeth and make them shine bright with clean breath.

Carry mints or gum everywhere and don’t forget to freshen up between social engagements.

16. Well-Groomed Eyebrows

Neat, defined eyebrows that frame your eyes nicely and complete your look. This is why women have been fixated on eyebrows for years.

It certainly elevates your look. Visit a professional occasionally or pluck stray hairs at home weekly.

17. Healthy Hair

Shiny, bouncy hair through deep conditioning shows you take care of yourself inside out.

Choose moisture-rich products for your hair type and style appropriately.


Do Men Care About Attractiveness as Much as Women Think?

Yes, studies show physical attraction is important for both short-term and long-term relationships for men.

However, personality traits like kindness become more significant over repeated interactions.

Physical attractiveness gets someone’s initial interest, but it’s your character that makes them stay.

What Can Unattractive Women Do to Seem More Appealing?

Focus on developing an interesting personality through hobbies, further education, charity work, etc.

Also smile warmly, practice good hygiene, dress appropriately for your body type, and exude quiet confidence rather than insecurity.

Inner attractiveness like humor and empathy shine through over time.

How Can I Tell if a Guy Finds Me Attractive?

Some signs a man may find you physically appealing are prolonged eye contact, lingering smiles, attentive listening during a conversation with you, subtle touches on your arm, compliments on how you look rather than what you wear, offers to help you with tasks, and positioning himself to face you during interactions.

Pay attention to how he interacts with other women versus you. His body language will usually give him away.

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Final Thought

Attraction is complex with many influential components, but taking good care of your health, personality, and presentation through the traits mentioned above can significantly boost your appeal.

Rather than worrying over small “flaws”, focus on developing yourself into an intriguing person through continuous learning and acts of kindness.

Your confidence in who you are on the inside will shine through and draw good people to you over superficial traits alone in the long run.

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