Authentic Ways to Flirt with Guys Over Text

Communicating via text message is an essential way to get to know a potential love interest better or keep the spark alive if already dating. However, finding authentic ways to flirt with guys over a text takes finesse

This guide will show you 50 unique and engaging ways to subtly flirt with guys over text translating your warmth, charm, and chemistry into words.

From light teasing to displays of interest and humor, learn subtle prompts that leave him smiling while expressing yourself authentically too.

Whether simply chatting or actively pursuing, these flirty texting ideas will help conversations flow smoothly and deepen connections even when apart.

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Authentic Ways to Flirt with Guys Over Text

Authentic Ways to Flirt with Guys Over Text

There are several fun ways to flirt with guys over text, here are some examples:

1. Express Interest Through Questions

Asking thoughtful questions shows care to understand him better while learning too.


  • “How was your day so far?”
  • “What are your plans for the weekend?”
  • “Seen any good movies lately I should check out?”
  • “Want to chat about that project you’re excited for?”
  • “Which recipes have you been enjoying lately?”
  • “How did that work thing turn out in the end?”

2. Share Inside Jokes

Bond through private jokes referencing quirks or past funny moments together. Feels intimate!

  • “Okay, what would happen if cheese could talk?”
  • “Still can’t believe that time with the seagulls, lol!”
  • “Your impression of [celeb] always cracks me up tbh”
  • “Thinking of that red stain on your shirt makes me laugh”
  • “You were right all along about [reference past debate]”
  • “Green beans will never be the same haha”

3. Drop Compliments

Everyone appreciates affirming words – just keep it light and to qualities that make him smile.

  • “Hope you have as wonderful a day as you are”
  • “You really light up any room with that smile”
  • “Loved how passionate you get talking music trivia facts”
  • “That was such a kind thing you did last weekend”
  • “Your funny stories always give me a much-needed laugh”
  • “Your thoughtfulness, empathy, and humor are so wonderful”

4. Express Through Emoticons

Convey playful energy through cheeky emojis that send fun vibes without words.

  • πŸ˜‰
  • πŸ₯°
  • 🀣
  • πŸ€—
  • πŸ₯³
  • 😍
  • πŸ₯³
  • πŸ™ƒ
  • 😘
  • 🀭

5. Tease Lightly

Banter back and forth keeps things upbeat and engaging if you know he likes your witty side coming through too.

  • “You’re the biggest dork I know but it’s endearing haha”
  • “You’re lucky you’re cute because that was cheesy even for you!”
  • “Getting cocky are we? I kid, keep that confidence shining :P”
  • “Mr. Know-It-All, remind me who won trivia night again?”
  • “Someone’s sassy today, watch it buddy or else!”
  • “You better be careful, I might just have to tickle attack next time ;)”

6. Pay Attention to Subtle Signals

If the conversation flows well on any topic, showing interest through insightful questions keeps discussions upbeat and meaningful. Listen closely and reciprocate his energy levels respectfully.

  • “Your perspective on that is so interesting, tell me more!”
  • “So what makes you most passionate about astrophysics?”
  • “How did you get into rock climbing, that’s so cool!”
  • “What inspired you to start your podcast?”
  • “I never knew deaf culture was so rich, thank you for sharing more about it”
  • “That project sounds fulfilling, how can I best support you through it?”

7. Have Fun With Emoji’s

Playful images add personality beyond words alone. Get creative!




8. Reply Swiftly

Letting someone know you’re thinking of them by responding on time shows care without pressure or games. Busy lives allow flexibility too naturally.

9. Share Memes & Humor

Finding fun images, videos, or articles to send each other fosters inside jokes and strengthens bonds through shared laughs without needing deep chats 24/7.

10. Compliment Thoughtfully

Mention things you admire honestly yet respectfully like character, talents, or goals.

Avoid focusing exclusively on looks which can backfire or make him uncomfortable if misinterpreted.

11. Creatively Emoji-fy Inside Jokes

Turn private references or past funny stories into emoji sequences only you two can decipher. Bonds you tighter!


😴 πŸ₯žπŸŒ«πŸš¬πŸ‘€


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12. Leave Room for Mystery

While showing a friendly spirit, keeping some personal space honors both parties’ independence. Texting daily isn’t mandatory – quality over flooding him is most meaningful.

13. Mirror His Energy Levels

Pay attention and reciprocate without over-extending if he seems busy. Let conversations ebb and flow organically versus constant pushing. Comfort and consent create the best foundations.

14. Show Support For Passions

Learning about hobbies and goals demonstrates care without judgment. Offering insights shows thoughtful engagement too.

“Your nature photos are stellar, followed that page for more”

“That volunteer idea is so impactful, let me know how I can help out”

15. Express Through Emoji Reactions

Respond to his shares with fun emoji seals of approval like πŸ‘πŸ€©πŸ˜„ which feel supportive and playful versus intrusive commenting.

17. Compliment With Values In Mind

Mention traits like humor, patience, and intelligence showing true care for who he strives to become versus fleeting outward factors. Bonds on deeper levels.

18. Ask About Well-Being

Check-ins like “How’ve you been lately?” show you’re thinking of his overall happiness too versus superficial catching up alone which builds trusted ties.

19. Appreciate Thoughtful Gestures

If he sends caring messages when you’re stressed, make sure to express gratitude for the comfort. Positive reinforcement nurtures intimacy.

20. Exchange Memories

Reminiscing on fun adventures you’ve shared strengthens your intimate history repository too.

21. Be Authentically Yourself

Flirting in alignment with your true personality versus mimicking vague norms helps cultivate your natural chemistry most organically over time through comfort building.

22. Start Playfully And Ease In Deeper

Begin with lighthearted fun to relax anyone then allow some vulnerabilities or wisdom shared to elevate conversations without overly taxing either party too soon until comfort is built from consistent caring exchanges over weeks/months.

Rushing risks spooking or losing genuine understanding potential. Trust and complexity develop gradually healthiest through patience, empathy, and respect.

23. Focus On Engagement, Not Responses

Enjoy exchanges fully as a priority versus obsessively monitoring replies or putting pressure on how often he texts back which risks seeming overeager or inauthentic versus fluid fun. Breathe and see the fuller picture of you both.

24. Compliment Values Shown

Notice kind acts, wisdom imparted or resilience demonstrated mentioning how they inspire you versus exclusive compliments on talent or looks. Bonds form when soulfulness admired mutually.

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Final Thought

To flirt with guys through text messaging involves nuance, care, respect, and understanding another’s process or love language.

Avoid obsessive behaviors, keep the mystery alive without pressure, and reciprocate comfort levels.

Focus on cultivating trust, laughs, and support through honest exchanges of care versus forcing things prematurely.

With empathy, finesse, and patience, meaningful bonds can form even digitally when both parties’ feelings and well-being remain a priority throughout.

Wishing you the very best in connecting in alignment with your values!

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