55 Flirty Text To Get Him To Respond Immediately

Dating? or married? It doesn’t matter. If you want to get your man to give you the attention you deserve, and reply to your messages immediately, you have to seduce him with some flirty text. In this post, we present to you 55 flirty text posts to get him to respond immediately.

All you have to do is copy and paste whichever you like into the live chat, maybe tweak it a little – if you wish, then send. 

Boom! He’s gonna run into your DM, and give you the attention and flirty chat you’ve wished for.

With that said, let’s dive in.

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55 Flirty Text To Get Him To Respond Immediately

1. Hey Baby, do you wanna play a lover’s game?

2. I dreamt we spent all day doing nothing but cuddling in each other arms

3. Beep. beep. Hey, my Prince Charming? 

4. Whenever I remember you’re always with me, I feel better.

5. My love, I’m in the shower right now, wanna know how I feel?

6. Tell me you miss me, and I’ll be fine.

7. Hello handsome, are you busy

8. Guess what I’m wearing?

9. Last night was glorious, I feel we should do it again.

10. I’m blowing you kisses. tell me you caught them.

11. Thinking of you gives me goosebumps, it makes my heart beat, I can’t wait to have you to myself.

12. I went shopping today, bought some sexy bodices, and took some pics. You wanna see them? 

13. If you were here right now baby, we’d be?

14. How do I look? (send him a sexy image of yourself)

15. I was thinking about you last night before I slept; I woke up still thinking about you.

16. I saw your latest studio pics, awwn, you look so hot

17. I have one wish right now, and it’s a craving to know what you’re thinking about right now

18. How is work going today? Tell me you didn’t forget about me?

19. Good night handsome, say some lovely prayers for me

20. I enjoy hearing from you baby, reading your message alone is therapy.

21. I’m addicted to texting you. I switched off my phone to stop myself, but my mind kept texting.

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22. Today something was missing, and it was you, baby.

23. I’ve been planning and I need your input. How do I seduce you?

24. For a moment, I thought my pillow was you. I just want us to cuddle.

25. I think I’ve been infected: thinking about you resurrects butterflies in my belly.

26. I want to ask you out this time around. Where would you love to go? 

27. Netflix and chill tonight! You in?

28. I’ve been busy. I prepared a lot for you tonight. You’ll get pizza, beer, and ME!

29. I can’t get your mouth out of my mind, can you help me out?

30. I need gifts baby, and no you don’t have to shop for them. Just your text message would do. It’s so valuable?

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31. You and me, cinema tonight! What do you say?

32. The radio is playing a song that perfectly describes our love story. Do you wanna hear it? (Simply send him a voice note of a love song you just composed)

33. Work is over; do you wanna text flirt?

34. How filled up is this week for you? Is there any room for me?

35. I’m dying, baby. I’m burning alive. And your hot pics caused it. You’re so damn hot?

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36. I was thinking about you all day. I have an idea. 

37. I told my friends I’d met the best man that ever walked the earth, and they thought it was my dad. Lol. Only if they knew better? 

38. My heart told me you’re in the 1% of the most amazing men on earth. And my brain is yet to find any reason to doubt.

39. The thought of you gets me drunk. Everyone thinks I’m not okay. And yes, I’m mad for you!

40. Knowing you make me feel important. My Hero. My VIP.

41. All my friends are crushing on you. Guess who’s the luckiest girl in town?

42. Do you know why I deleted Tinder? I’m confident I’ve found the perfect man for me.

43. The thought of you makes me smile. Please when I’m thinking about you in public, be there, so people don’t think I’m weird.

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44. I can’t imagine spending a day without you, baby. Just can’t imagine.

45. I’ve got a new crush and it’s not you. If you want to know him, visit the toilet, and look in the mirror. That’s my crush standing tall.

46. I’m not an athlete but I’ll win a gold medal chasing you.

47. Tell me one of your secrets, and I’ll tell you two of mine.

48. Loving you is like drinking water, I can’t go a day without you.

49. Guess what? I’m not wearing anything right now. Haha.

50. Just came out of the shower right now. Wanna see under my towel?

51. I built a night gym in my room. Can you come over for a workout tonight?

52. Let’s deal?‍♀️. Guess the color of my Bra, and I’ll let you take it off tonight.

53. Whoever said romance is dead has never seen you at work. 

54. My lipstick is honey, do you want to taste it?

55. I have a job opening. It’s a position for a cuddler, do you want to apply?

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Final Thought

Hey lover girl, this brings us to the end of our 55 Flirty Text To Get Him To Respond Immediately. 

Fingers crossed, it works like a charm. With this list of flirty texts, I’m confident you’ll never run out of inspiration for love text messages.

And finally, don’t forget to bookmark this page, so you can always come back for more (we’ll keep updating them).

With that said dirty girl, go and claim your man.

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