Dating Older Women: 13 Tips to Make Her Happy All the Time

When dating older women, the age difference can build complexities in your relationship. Older women have had more life experiences and have a lot more knowledge about the world.

Older women have more experience with dating and romance, and you may find yourself out of their league.

Their taste and desires for food, s3x, and sense of adventure are more exquisite than younger women.

They are also more mature and stable than their younger counterparts. However, there are some things that you can do to make sure that she is happy all the time.

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13 Tips to Make Her Happy All the Time

Here are tips to make your older partner happy all the time:

1. Be Romantic

Older women are more mature so they appreciate romance from their partners.

You don’t have to buy flowers or candy but small gestures like writing her love notes or leaving small surprises on her car will make your girlfriend feel special and loved.

2. Be Patient With Her

Older women have had a lot of relationships before you came along so they might take some time to open up to you fully.

Don’t rush things in your relationship as this could affect your future together negatively if you rush things too early on in your relationship with each other.

Be patient and let your girlfriend get used to being in a relationship again after being single for so many years.

3. Take Her Out on Dates Regularly

If your relationship is new, take her out on dates regularly so that she doesn’t get bored with you (this is especially important if she’s divorced).

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on these dates; take her out somewhere nice and relax while enjoying each other’s company without having to worry about anything else going on in your lives right now!

4. Be Respectful

Respect is essential to any relationship, even more so if you are dating an older woman.

Don’t make fun of her age or try to talk down to her because she has more experience in life than you do.

Instead, listen to what she has to say, and always show her respect by calling her by her name instead of “baby” or “babe” when talking to her in public.

5. Be Honest About Your Feelings

If you want to date an older woman, then be honest about it! There is no point pretending you are interested in younger women when you are attracted to someone who has been through more than one generation before you were born!

If she asks you directly about your age preferences or whether or not you would date someone much older than yourself, tell her exactly how old you are and let her decide whether or not she wants to continue with the conversation after that point.

6. Do Not Hurt Her Feelings

Women are emotional creatures and can get hurt easily if they feel they are not important enough in the relationship or if they don’t matter to the person who is dating them.

Be sure not to hurt her feelings in any way because this could lead to the end of a relationship which may be difficult for both parties involved.

So, be careful when handling situations where sensitive matters might come up.

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7. Be Spontaneous

If you’re the kind of guy who always has everything planned out, that’s great — but it isn’t going to help you in this situation.

You need to be able to think on your feet because spontaneity is something that’s bound to happen when you’re with an older woman.

She may want to do things at the spur of the moment, or she may come up with a new idea for something fun and exciting for both of you to do together.

If you can’t think fast enough or react quickly enough when this happens, there will be problems down the road!

8. Satisfy Her in Bed

To make an older woman happy, you must satisfy her in bed. This is not something that you can take lightly.

If you’re not careful, you could lose a great woman. If your sex life is lacking, it’s time to change things a bit!

9. Get Out of the House More Often

Older women are just as much fun as younger women and deserve to be treated like one! Take them out for dinner and dancing or a day at the beach.

You don’t have to spend all your free time together either. If she has friends that she feels comfortable with, then allow her to spend time with them as well!

10. Be There When She Needs You Most

A woman dating an older man may only have one child or no children at all.

This means that she will have plenty of time on her hands without having too much stress from work or school, or other obligations that younger women have at this stage in their lives.

It’s important for any guy who wants to date an older woman to be there for her when times get tough and not just when times are good.

11. Be Neat

If your place is messy when your older woman comes over for dinner or drinks, she won’t think too highly of you.

It doesn’t have to be spotless all the time; pick up after yourself and make sure things look presentable before she gets there.

12. Be Respectful of Her Privacy

Respectful behavior means giving her space when she needs it and not asking too many questions when something personal happens in her life.

Older women tend to become more private than they used to be when they were younger, so respect their privacy by not prying into too many details about their personal or family members’ lives.

13. Be Supportive

She has been through a lot in her life so far and needs someone to support her and give her strength whenever she feels low.

When she is down, try to cheer her up or maybe take her out for dinner or talk to her about anything that is bothering her.

Don’t just say, “It’s ok” or “Don’t worry.” Be supportive by actually listening to what she has to say and give advice if needed!

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Final Thought

You don’t need to spend much money to make your older woman happy. If you’re in a relationship with an older woman, you should know that she’ll appreciate the little things you do for her.

She’s not expecting you to take her on lavish vacations or buy her expensive gifts all the time.

She probably won’t even notice those things because she’s been around for so long that she’s seen it all.

She may even tell you that material possessions don’t mean much anymore. But if you want her to feel loved and appreciated, use the tips we mentioned above.


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