13 Beautiful Blonde Hair Names

Blonde hair was huge in the 60s, it was a rave then for women with blonde hair were considered hotter than women with other hair colors.

Women started dying their blondes with all manner of dyes even fruits. so what are the names of the different types of blonde hair that are in existence?

Many ladies try to shun blondes since they aren’t acquainted with numerous blonde names and hair tones. With that being said, in this post, I will share the names of various blades.

Keep Reading as we delve deeper!

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Blonde Hair Names

Here’s the entire overview of distinct blonde hair names.

1. Dark Blonde

Dark blonde is trending right now. It suits ladies who don’t have much time to spend on upkeep or beauty salon excursions as it doesn’t require as many retouches.

It’s midway between brown and medium blonde, with a somber impression. 

Depending on your original hair color, you may wear it in many tones, from light brown to gold.

It may be applied consistently or simply at the bottom of the hair, with streaks or points in a lighter blonde. It is also an excellent basis for individuals who wish to obtain California streaks or ombré hair.

Dark blonde suits ladies who have a pale skin tone with yellow undertones. This tone suits all complexion tones and hair types when applied in streaks and highlights.

2. Golden Blonde

On the darker side of the spectrum, golden blonde is that glowing tone that is coveted as the healthiest appearing shade of blonde. 

The secret to getting a tremendous golden blonde hair color is picking a hue that won’t come out brassy and adding depth via high and low lights within the same color range.

3. Champagne Blonde

Champagne blonde has beige undertones and is a preference among North American ladies. It’s so popular that it is commonly used on Barbie dolls.

It may be great for pinkish-white skin tones and a cool and more subdued tint. That helps the skin seem less pale. 

Dark-skinned ladies may adopt this style, cautioning not to gain a too distinct look from the owner’s personality.

4. Strawberry Blonde

This shade of blonde contains a subtle reddish look, giving it that “strawberry” color. 

Depending on the severity of the red tint, you may mistake strawberry blondes for redheads.

The greatest color jobs will leave you with that reddish undertone that gives the hair that darker look. For example, Strawberry blonde looks fantastic on all complexion types depending on the colors utilized.

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5. Pearly Blonde

This is a variety of light blonde, between platinum and champagne. Pearly blonde is suitable for people who seek a more delicate appearance.

This hue matches pinkish-white complexion tones, particularly for a more fantastic shade. 

However, no matter the person’s skin tone, adding different tones of color to the hair is vital to prevent a flat effect.

6. Baby Blonde

Otherwise called ‘natural blonde,’ this blonde coloring appears extremely natural regarding the highlights and lowlights utilized to produce this effect. 

Additionally, this blonde might be paler or darker in terms of colors.

If you’re darker, you should use deeper hues of blonde, and vice versa if you’re light/pale. 

This will guarantee that your finished product is as natural-looking as possible.

7. Honey Blonde

This blonde tone is another variety at the darker end of this range. Honey blonde contains brown lowlights, making it the ideal blonde for people with deeper complexion tones. 

This hue works excellent on medium-dark skin tones as it’s not as light and won’t be too harsh on the skin. 

Conversely, if you’re on the pale side, you may want to soften this color with some highlights around the face so that it doesn’t wipe you out.

8. Light Blonde

Light blonde is one of the toughest colors to find a combination for.

 Hair color professionals claim this hue best suits exceptionally fair-skinned Caucasian ladies.

On the other hand, matching it to diverse skin tones is not difficult. 

It also looks beautiful when mixed with warm blonde tones, particularly in highlights.

9. Copper Blonde

This tint ranges between red and gold, although you’ll find more golden than reddish colors in dyes. Copper blonde hair provides a warm and lively appearance.

It is adaptable — it complements all skin tones, from lighter to deeper ones. It’s nice to leave the roots a touch darker to make the contrast less stark.

10. Icy Blonde

One of the most popular varieties is the Icy blonde. It became a style following the popularity of platinum blonde with golden streaks.

With grey and violet colors, this cool tint offers your hair appeal and uniqueness. 

Its metallic look compliments light skin tones, particularly those with pink undertones. It’s also perfect for white ladies with dark hair and eyebrows.

12. Chestnut Blonde

Chestnut blonde is the warm combination of medium and honey blondes. It is a lovely dark tone, near to brown.

However, mixing it with golden accents may illuminate the features.

13. Ash Blonde

If you’ve ever seen hair with a soft gray look, it was likely an Ash blonde hue. 

This color is an excellent choice for ladies searching for a gentler appearance instead of being overtly blonde. 

The gray tint makes it more mature, so this color choice is perfect for ladies beginning to go gray. 

Ash-blonde seems to look best on pale to medium-tone skin.

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Final Thought

Ranging from Dark blonde, light, and other types of blonde, you are left with the opportunity to make your choice.

I hope this article was helpful.

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