Best Online MBA Scholarships for International Students

Earning an MBA can give your career a powerful boost, but the tuition investment can be daunting.

Thankfully, online MBA programs provide more affordable access to top business education.

Even better, a wide array of scholarships for online MBAs are available to drastically cut costs for international students.

Read on to learn all about the best online MBA scholarships for International students, and how to maximize savings as you advance your management skills.

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What is an Online MBA Program?

Best Online MBA Scholarships for International Students

An online MBA delivers the same rigorous business curriculum as traditional programs, but entirely through digital mediums.

You’ll take interactive courses, collaborate on group projects, network with peers, and engage with professors – all in a flexible online format.

Typical online MBA courses cover essential business disciplines like finance, accounting, marketing, operations, strategy, statistics, economics, organizational behavior, and leadership.

You’ll build hard skills to analytically approach business problems and soft skills to effectively lead teams and organizations.

Through case studies, lectures, readings, discussions, and group work, online MBA students gain the same foundational knowledge and acumen as on-campus programs.

Top schools design engaging online platforms to replicate the in-person experience digitally.

While online and on-campus MBAs cover the same concepts, the delivery methods differ:


  • Recorded video lectures
  • Digital coursework and materials
  • Asynchronous discussions
  • Remote group collaboration
  • Virtual networking


  • In-person lectures
  • In-class discussions
  • Face-to-face group work
  • Hands-on activities
  • In-person networking

Online MBA students access materials and participate in courses fully through a school’s online learning portal.

This allows for schedule flexibility since you control the pace and times you engage with content.

Top online MBA programs are rigorous, and interactive, and grant the same prestigious degree as in-person formats from internationally recognized business schools.

The remote format simply allows added convenience and accessibility.

Top Online MBA Scholarships for International Students

While online MBA programs themselves have lower overall tuition costs than in-person degrees, scholarships make them even more affordable.

Business schools offer a variety of scholarships and grants specifically for their online MBA programs. These provide significant tuition discounts for qualified accepted students.

Scholarship eligibility is based on criteria like academic merit, leadership experience, community impact, diversity, and geographic region.

Some require an additional application, while others automatically consider applicants during the admission process.

Here are some excellent online MBA scholarships for international students from top-ranked business schools:

1. University of Southern California

The USC Marshall School of Business offers prestigious online MBA degrees through their IBEAR program.

Scholarships ranging from $5,000 – $20,000 are available based on merit and leadership potential. Apply here.

2. Warwick Business School

This highly ranked UK school provides up to 25% scholarships toward online MBA tuition costs. Awards are based on merit, leadership, social impact, and career growth potential. Learn more.

3. IE Business School

IE, based in Spain, awards scholarships covering 5%-35% of total tuition for their online Global MBA program. They emphasize diversity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Apply here.

4. Florida International University

FIU offers affordable online MBA programs through their College of Business. They provide merit scholarships of up to $15,000 for high-potential applicants. Get info.

5. Imperial College Business School

This prestigious London school awards £5,000 – £15,000 scholarships toward their Online MBA.

Awards focus on emerging leaders with a strong professional track record. Apply.

6. UNSW Business School

Australia’s AGSM MBA scholarships provide over $2 million annually, including substantial awards toward their online program. Learn more.

7. Babson College

Babson offers $5k – $20k merit-based scholarship opportunities toward Online MBA tuition, promoting diversity and community impact. Apply here.

8. Arizona State University

The #1 ranked online MBA according to US News & World Report, ASU provides merit scholarships up to $15,000.

Awards are automatically considered during admission. Explore programs.

9. Northeastern University

Nu offers a STEM-focused online MBA with up to $25,000 in merit scholarships toward full tuition. A strong undergraduate record in STEM is required. Learn more.

10. Syracuse University

Syracuse awards high-potential Online MBA students scholarships of $2,000 – $20,000 through their Whitman School of Management. Apply here.

Key Benefits of an Online MBA

Pursuing an MBA online provides many advantages:

1. Flexible Schedule

One of the biggest draws of online MBAs is schedule flexibility. With pre-recorded lectures and materials always accessible, you control the pace and timing of your learning.

No need to rearrange work schedules to attend fixed classes – you can learn anytime, from anywhere. This allows busy professionals to progress through an MBA program remotely.

2. Significant Cost Savings

Online MBAs eliminate expenses like housing, commuting, visa fees, and other costs of physically attending school.

Tuition rates themselves also tend to be lower for remote programs. This makes getting an MBA much more affordable since you only pay for the actual instruction.

3. Global Student Body

Online MBA students join a diverse global community of peers. Remote learning enables schools to draw students from countries worldwide, providing exposure to varied perspectives and approaches.

You’ll gain cultural fluency and expanded professional connections.

4. Immediate Application

One of the perks of online MBAs is the ability to implement newly acquired skills in your current job immediately.

As you learn new concepts each week, you can test approaches at work right away. This allows you to exponentially grow on the job as you progress through the degree.

5. Networking Opportunities

While remote, online MBA programs facilitate valuable networking and relationship building.

Through online discussions, group projects, and special events, you’ll get to know classmates and professors around the world.

Many schools also arrange optional in-person immersion experiences.

6. Flexibility to Balance Life Commitments

Juggling work, family and other obligations is much more manageable in a flexible online format.

The ability to maintain your responsibilities while progressing academically is a major motivator for many online MBA students.

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Types of Online MBA Programs

If you decide an online MBA aligns with your academic and career goals, the next step is choosing a program.

Here are the main online MBA program types and formats to consider:

Full-Time Online MBA

  • Typically 12-24 months in length
  • Requires about 10-15 hours per week of coursework
  • Ideal for those who want to complete an MBA efficiently while immersed in studies

Part-Time Online MBA

  • Usually 24-36 months long
  • Involves 5-10 hours per week of coursework
  • Well-suited for working professionals balancing careers and academics

Executive Online MBA

  • Designed for senior managers with 5+ years leadership experience
  • 20-24 months with 6-8 hours of weekly study
  • Focuses on high-level leadership competencies

Hybrid Online MBA

  • Combines online learning with 1-2 weeks of in-person classes
  • Allows for some face-to-face experiences and networking
  • Great for those who value occasional in-person interactions

Choose an online MBA format aligned with your experience level, career stage, and availability for studying.

Maximize Your Chances of Winning MBA Scholarships

Scholarships make investing in an online MBA much more feasible. Here are some tips to help maximize your chances of earning online MBA Scholarships for international students:

  • Research scholarships – Explore all the options at your target schools and external resources like professional organizations related to your background.
  • Highlight achievements – Emphasize academic, professional, and community leadership accomplishments in your application and essays. Quantify results and impact.
  • Get great recommendations – Ask managers and mentors who can speak in-depth about your abilities and potential to write recommendations.
  • Ace the essays – Follow prompts thoughtfully and use specific examples. Show how an MBA will advance your goals.
  • Establish financial need – For scholarships with need-based aspects, clearly explain how assistance would enable your studies.
  • Apply early – Meet priority application deadlines to maximize chances and aid availability at your desired schools.

With numerous online MBA scholarships available, you can make an elite graduate business education more affordable. Use these savings tips to reduce costs and graduate with less debt.

Should You Pursue an Online MBA?

While online MBA programs have many upsides, they aren’t the best fit for everyone. You should pursue an online MBA if you:

  • Highly value schedule flexibility
  • Are already working and wish to continue your career while studying
  • Have limited time for degree study based on obligations
  • Want to maximize cost savings on tuition
  • Prefer remote learning environments
  • Have the drive and discipline to learn independently

If you’re unsure, take time to thoroughly research programs and consider whether you believe you’ll thrive learning digitally. Reach out to current students to gain insights about the experience.

Investing in an MBA is a big commitment, so the format should align with your learning preferences and lifestyle.

But for many working professionals seeking schedule flexibility and savings, online MBAs make quality business education incredibly accessible.

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Final Thoughts

Thanks to flexible delivery and generous scholarships, top online MBA programs are a smart choice for furthering your business education from anywhere in the world.

With remote learning, you can earn a degree from a prestigious institution while accommodating your location and schedule preferences.

Take advantage of the many scholarship opportunities to invest in your growth with less financial burden.

With options to learn from globally, the possibilities are expansive. If you’re ready to elevate your management abilities through an MBA, don’t let tuition costs deter you.

Start researching online MBA scholarships at leading schools today.


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