How to Handle Pressure: 3 Life Changing Tips

How to Handle Pressure

Pressure is part of life. We all experience it in different ways and to different degrees, but it’s something that we should learn to handle. Whether it’s the pressure of a looming deadline, the pressure of a relationship, or social expectations, pressure is everywhere. Every day can be challenging, yet our lives are defined by … Read more

Why Do I Feel Anxious When My Boyfriend Does Something Great?

Why Do I Feel Anxious When My Boyfriend Does Something Great

You want the absolute best for your boyfriend. But why does it also make you feel anxious or insecure when your boyfriend does something great? You start worrying he’ll outgrow you or your goals are being left behind. Or that you’ll never live up to his success. It’s confusing – and makes you feel guilty … Read more

Why Does My Wife Seem to Overreact to Everything?

Why Does My Wife Seem to Overreact to Everything

Your wife may seem to overreact to specific situations, and you may wonder why this happens. There are several possible reasons why your wife overreacts; understanding these can help you communicate more effectively. While each individual’s emotional reactions are unique and influenced by personal experiences, beliefs, and circumstances, several common factors could contribute to a … Read more

Emotionally Damaged: How People Get That Way, 26 Signs & How to Heal From It

Emotionally Damaged

It can be painful to watch someone struggle with the effects of being emotionally damaged. It can be even harder to watch when that person is someone you care about, and you feel powerless to help. But there is hope. With the right information, support, and understanding, it is possible for people to heal from … Read more