Hurtful words never to say to your partner when upset

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We are all prone to get angry sometimes, a say hurtful words to those we love, or to our partners during a heatful argument or fights. 

Words are indeed very powerful. Things are the products of Words spoken either presently or years before, be it positive or negative.

Words spoken to someone either in love or when upset tends, to replay on ones subconsciousness even while someone is asleep. And most times, such individuals becomes the reflection of those words spoken to them in times past.

That’s why you would hear some  individuals say, there were words spoken to them by someone in which, they will never forget.

Or most times, you’d hear someone saying someone told them they would be successful in life. And that served as a catalyst that, propelled them to work harder into becoming something important in life, no matter the odds that were against them. That’s how powerful positive words spoken to someone can be.

Words have powers

Whereas, you’d hear someone else say, someone told them they would never amount to anything. And even when they had grown up, at times where they had failed, they still think about what the person told them,and  wonder if that’s why they aren’t doing well in life. Negative words at play…huh??

Words spoken be it good or bad also has a great role either in a positive or negative way even in romantic relationships.

When a relationship tends to tear you down, instead of building you up, it leaves a smear and a great crack in your inner self.  Which most times ,makes you question yourself. Most times, it makes you hate yourself and makes you have low self esteem and what have you.

Below are hurtful words you should never say to your partner when upset:

1. I regret dating /marrying you:

Telling your partner these hurtful words, tears apart every, fibre in their bodies and detach every bone marrow from it’s place. 

It would make your partner feel less worthy. Such words only means, you’re  into your partner or dating them out of pity and whatever else might be your reasons for dating or marrying them in the first place.

hurtful words to your partner

2. You’re so Dumb:

Saying this hurtful word to someone, is like saying they cannot process anything even to the simplest ‘ABC’. alphabet. They are simply just vegetables. This is wrong and should never be said to someone whom you love no matter what.

3. You are good for Nothing:

Telling someone a hurtful word as, they are good for nothing, is like they are the most useless of all humans. And you don’t see anything good in them, or them amounting to anything good in life. This is so so wrong, and shouldn’t be said to your partner no matter how upset you might be with them.

4. I hate You:

How can you in any way, tell someone you love that you hate them? This is so wrong, and a very hurtful word. It should never be said, even when you don’t mean it.

Your partner would in all ramifications, believe you somehow meant every word you may have said. Endeavour not to say it, no matter how upset you might be.

It’s a very heavy word, which has alot of negative impact, to the hearer, which is your partner and should never be said.

Partner sad after being told something hurtful by his partner

5. You are Ugly:

How on earth would you tell a fellow human, who you cannot create, that he/she is ugly?? This is so so hurtful, and makes your partner feel less of him/herself. This word should, not be said please.

6. Am justified to cheat on You:

Why on earth would, you openly say such a hurtful word, to your partner no matter what he/she has done, should never warrant you hurting them, by cheating on them. And feeling justified about it. It is so hurtful and should never be said to your partner when you’re upset or not. When this happens, you might want a solid guide on asking them these emotional questions on why your partner cheated.

7. You are Fat:

Definitely, your partner might get worn up at work or other affairs of life, and might not be so keen about keeping fit. Hence, adding unnecessary fat here and there.

But as a partner, your telling your partner a hurtful word like, he/she is fat, should never be said. It’s not cool, and makes your partner feel unattractive.

It’s best you tell them, they should watch their weight. And that, you would love to exercise with them whenever they are going to the gym or for a road walk.

8. Your family are not my type :

Fine, it’s not easy getting along with everyone most times, but saying your partners family aren’t your type of people to mingle with should never be said.

Even though you might not like them wholeheartedly, there are ways to go around the whole thing instead of telling them such hurtful things about their family.

Not wanting to mingle with your partners family

9. You finding a friend of theirs appealing and attractive:

Like how on earth, can you even say such to your partner?? Such hurtful words, brings division in your Relationship or marriage. In the sense that, you will somewhat put a strive in the relationship, your partner might have with that friend of his/hers.

Secondly, you make them feel you don’t find them attractive enough anymore and you are lusting after their friends. These hurtful words should never be spoken out of your mouth in the first place, how much less, when you are upset.

10. Am better off without you in my life.

This can be so painful. Like, didn’t you think about this before asking them out in the first place? Or wanting them to be in a serious committed relationship with you??

This is so wrong, and the words shouldn’t be said to your partner, no matter how upset you might be.

With the above being said,  you should always endeavour to,watch your temper whenever you might be upset with your partner. In order not to hurt their feelings or put a crack in your Relationship. Knowing the rules for a lasting romantic relationship, would help you and your partner in other aspects of your relationship.  

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