Romantic messages to Him

1. Just like stars illuminates and brightens up the sky at night, that’s how you’ve brighten up my life with your love, your care, kindness and laughter. You have been so amazingly great since you came into my life. Am sending this message as a romantic reminder to tell you how grateful I am for your LOVE.

2. Who could have ever thought I’d be the luckiest woman on the surface of the earth?Your charm, and demeanor makes me fall in love with you a million times more. Your beautiful soul makes me bless the day I met you. This is from me to you, is to remind you of how much I LOVE YOU

3. Just like Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and all the precious jewels are, that’s how precious you are to my heart. How you care for me, how you listen to me, how you make me laugh so hard even in my down moments, how you encourage me, how you raise me up by giving me your hand, and so much more. Makes me want to fall in love with you a million times over. With love always my darling

4. Even when am deeply asleep, all I dream of is your sweetness. All I dream of is you and I in a beautiful garden running around like the great lovers we are, laughing at our silly jokes. I hope to always have you as mine in the physical world, and even the world after this. You will always be my one and only

5. Guess what darling! I went out to get some groceries today, and I saw a very handsome young looking boy at about the age of 4 running around trying to get some candies. That moment, all I thought of is how great it is and how wonderful it has been to carry your children. You are all I want, and all I ever prayed for. Continue being the great person you are. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS

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6. I remembered when I was so down and you came through for me in my darkest moments. How you were my light in the tunnel, how you were my sunshine in a cloudy day, how you were my calm in the storm, and how you were my peace in the raging waves. Words cannot thank you enough my darling. I love you always for being my truest friend and partner

7. Loving you is one of the best choices I have ever made. You are awesomely great, you are wonderful with your words and acts of love. That makes me want to fall in love with you over and over again. Thanks for all you do, and for ways you have been there for me

8. When I think about the character of Romeo, you come to mind. You’re courageous, you’re determined, you’re selfless, you’re loving, you’re sweet, and so much more. How Sweet and Wonderful you’ve been to me HONEY. I love you always, and I can never trade you for anything and anyone else in the entire universe

9. Each time I look at myself in the dressing mirror. I smile to myself and say to myself, you helped me to be the great woman I have become, you made me believe more in myself, how can I ever thank you enough my sweetheart? Thanks for all you do for me, kisses and hugs my SWEETHEART.

10. You being my man, you being my lover and also caring for me in every way like you do, is one of the most amazing feelings ever. I can never love and care for you less. You’re the best, and will always be. Am glad I chose you and I will always choose you over and over again now and forever.

Love Always!!!

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