7 Signs you and, your partner are not compactible

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Signs he doesn't love you anymore

Being compactible and getting along is one of the core things that is necessary in a relationship.

If you and your partner are not compatible, then there’s no way the relationship can work or blossom on both the short or long run.

Being compactible with your partner comes with signs such as you two are comfortable with each other, and you enjoy each other’s company.

But a lot of times, you might be in a relationship in which you are struggling to make it work out, doing all the good things you think are necessary, yet your Relationship seems like a struggle.

Hence, below are some signs that shows you and your partner are Incompatible.

These signs makes you aware that your relationship might be heading for the downhill on the short or long run.

Hence, it’s important you take notes of them, if at all you have uneasy feelings about your relationship.

1. You have doubts.

Most times when in a relationship, it’s important to pay attention to your heart rather than your mind. Because your heart will never lead you astray.

Hence, when you are in a relationship and you have doubts about your partner, your instincts tells you.

That the both of you ain’t going to make it on the long run, you need to listen, rather than holding on and regretting your decisions later on when the relationship goes south.

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2. Your lifestyles are different.

When you are partners with someone or when in a relationship, it’s important that the both of you are similar in terms of the things you believe in, core values and ways you do things.

When this is the opposite, then there would be some sort of friction in the relationship.

Hence, the constant friction would make your Relationship odd in some sort of way. Which is not so good on the long run.

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3. The Communication is not encouraging

A good communication is the backbone of any relationship. In a relationship, whereby you and your partner rarely talk and straighten things out.

Or talk about your aspirations, wants, ambitions and likes on a cool comfortable grounds, or even talk about anything else at all.

Then there’s a big problem. And this also shows that the both of you are not compactible with each other. Which would seem like a drag on the long run.

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4. The intimacy is low or completely absent

When you and your partner do not share some kind of intimacy such as holding hands, talking deeply, having good romance, etc.

Then your relationship would be boring and it greatly shows the both of you do not seem appealing to each other nor do the both of you fantasize about each other.

And on the long run, this would only put a smear on your Relationship, which is not so good.

This gives room for a whole lot of wrong things to happen in your Relationship.

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5. Always Argueing

It’s everyone’s desire in a relationship to have someone who would at least give them some sort of peace.

Mind you, misunderstandings are inevitable in any relationship. But, when you experience the opposite in your Relationship almost every time with you partner.

In which the both of you are always argueing about little things and screaming at each other on top of your voices.

This is quite draining, and it shows the both of you are not compactible.

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6. You prefer being with others or your friends.

When you prefer being with or spending more time with your friends rather than with your partner. It shows you are not so comfortable around them.

And you need them to give you some breathing space. Being in a relationship with someone or with your partner.

They should be like your best friend and your lover at the same time, in which you enjoy every moment you spend with them.

When it’s otherwise, it shows you and your partner are not compactible.

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7. Comparing each other to others.

What’s worse to your partner comparing you to someone else? It shows you ain’t good enough for them and all. When the comparism happens often than not, it’s toxic.

And this shows you two are not compactible as well. To be in a relationship with someone, you should be able to accept them for who they are.

And if there are some certain flaws you don’t like in them, you both can put heads together to work on those flaws.

Rather than comparing your partner to someone else in whom you think is/are way better.

This is not cool, and might take your Relationship south on either the short or long run.


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