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7 Signs he doesn’t love you anymore

One of the worsts things that can ever happen to anyone in a romantic relationship, is realizing that the person who was once the love of your life, doesn’t love you anymore. The moment you start feeling this way, it makes you unhappy, and somewhat restless. You’d start asking yourself what you may have done wrong? What could be the reason behind such sudden change and attitude towards you from your partner? When it comes to this, you feel sad and you are at a crossroads on what to do or not to do. If you are reading this piece, you or someone who is so dear to you might be going through a dilemma in which you’re not sure if he still loves you or not.

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Have it in mind that, most times in romantic Relationships, things don’t go as expected. This is because almost everyone has expectations when entering or going into a romantic relationship.

Some of these expectations might be based on selfish reasons, whereas in other cases, they might not.

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Whatever the expectations for going into the romantic relationship might be, have it at the back of your mind that when it’s not met, most partners tend to fall out of love. In your case, whatsoever your partner’s reason might be, for not loving you anymore, be certain that it’s not completely your fault. Hence, if he decides to talk it out with you it’s so cool. That way, the both of you can strengthen things out, and work out your Relationship if need be. Or go your separate ways as well. But if he chooses to act up and not speak up about the reasons why he’s acting the way he is. Hence, making you feel so uncomfortable in your own skin.

Below, are signs you should watch out for in order to know if your relationship is now one-sided;

He doesn't love you anymore

1. Your feelings tells you so

Our instincts never lie! Before anything bad happens at least, you have a glimpse within you if it’s wrong or right. Therefore, once you start feeling he doesn’t love you anymore.

And also, you start,  seeing some red flags, which I will also address in a bit from him, it’s a sign he doesn’t love you anymore.

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2. He easily gets angry at almost everything you do

One of the signs of true love is being tolerant of the one you love. But once your man starts making issues out of almost every little thing you do. And say then it’s also a sign he doesn’t love you.

3. Now he doesn’t relate with you the way he once did

One of the signs of a healthy relationship is Communication and good companionship. Once communication is out of your Relationship, or once your man cannot relate and talk to you the way he once did. But prefers keeping things he once shared with you to himself. Then it shows, he doesn’t love you anymore

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4. He doesn’t seek your opinion on things anymore.

A relationship that is filled with love, it’s important to note that, your partner should be your adviser on certain things you want to embark on. But once, he starts being secretive and keeping things to himself and not letting you in, it shows the love he has for you, has drastically reduced.

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5. He now wants you to let him be.

When you detest or don’t really like a person, you’d want to avoid them and would send vibes which state; kindly let me be. Hence, when your man doesn’t love you anymore, he’d want you to let him be, and not disturb him or be around him for any reason whatsoever. This is also a sign he doesn’t love you anymore.

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6. There’s no intimacy between you two anymore.

Most definitely, when your man now gets easily angry at you and irritated by the sight of you as earlier mentioned. This would in so many ways reduce the intimacy you guys have for yourselves.

And when this happens your Relationship in no time would head south.

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7. Your man now finds it hard to say I love you.

One of the ways to express the love you have for your partner is to always say it out. This way, your partner is assured of your love for them. But once, it’s the opposite, it’s a sign your partner doesn’t love you anymore.


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Remember you cannot force anyone to give you their heart or love you, most especially when they don’t want to anymore. Therefore, if you now observe these signs from your man, and you try working things out and he doesn’t want to work things out with you. Because he doesn’t feel the same way you do anymore, it’s best you leave such a relationship, and not force anything whatsoever. That way, you’d leave with your sanity, and self-esteem still being intact.

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